I'm 27 Weeks Pregnant, and These Are the Workout Clothes I'd Wear

Yep, I guess I forgot to mention it until now—in my defense, there has been a lot going on—but I am, in fact, a whopping 27 weeks pregnant today, and my first order of business as a newly informed maternity shopper is to share my findings on the best clothes for working out in. While for me, "working out" has mostly consisted of biweekly yoga and daily brisk walks over the last five or so months, I think the fact that I’ve actually spent 90% of my time in athleticwear as of late makes up for my lack of actual activity. In short, trust me—I’ve spent a lot of time in this stuff.

On that note, below you’ll find the tops, bras, shorts, leggings, and even one bonus dress that I’ve personally tested out myself, are similar to pieces I own, or have the customer reviews to back them up. In some cases, it’s a combo of more than one qualifier, and in all cases, I stand by my findings! So if you're in the market for cool, comfortable, and functional activewear (both from the maternity section and not), just keep scrolling to shop all 24 of my picks

While Alo doesn't have a specific maternity line, I've found that a lot of its pieces fit me comfortably even as I've grown. In some cases, such as tops and sports bras, I've had to size up.

The brand's high and stretchy waistbands are surprisingly still comfortable, even over a growing bump.

These leggings are a great investment because they are on the thicker side, so they look more luxe than the average pair if you want something to wear beyond workouts.

I've been obsessed with shorts lately, and athletic styles are among my favorite trend. Since they are already super stretchy, most of the pairs I bought pre-pregnancy or when I was smaller still fit me comfortably now. 

I bought these in a size small when I was only a few weeks along, and when I realized how much I loved them, I ordered one size up so that I could keep wearing them all season. Now, the medium is perfect.

I love this tank because it's extremely supportive (even without a bra), and the straps are just thick enough to where they don't dig in but aren't bulky either.

After much resistance, these were actually the first maternity leggings I tried on (seen above), and I was instantly hooked. I love the color, material, and fit so much.

Regarding my earlier note on shorts, sweatshorts also fall into the category of things I bought before my belly really grew but still fit well. 

These are probably Alo's most comfortable legging option, and while they are indeed great for lounging, they work for exercise, too.

This bralette is so comfortable I wear it almost every day.

These highly reviewed leggings caught my eye because of the convenient pockets, and the current markdown is making me consider adding them to my already-extensive collection.

I already owned this sweatshirt and have been able to continue to wear it because it's cropped enough to where it doesn't make a difference how far out my stomach goes. Longer styles, however, have been harder to wear without sizing up.

These leggings, which I'm wearing above, are made from the most unbelievably soft fabric. I don't foresee being able to give them up postpartum. 

While I have this in black (and love to wear it), I felt like this stunning shade of peach really needed to be seen.

According to a handful of my previously pregnant friends, Amazon is your friend when it comes to finding affordable maternity basics such as shorts, leggings, and tanks. These shorts (which also have convenient pockets) have solid reviews, and I love the cut and color.

If you like the way regular Spanx suck you in and hug your curves, then you will love the fit of these maternity leggings.

Another item I've been wearing long before becoming pregnant and have continued to (both for working out and daily life).

Pro tip: Aritzia is one of my favorite places to buy bike shorts, and this Atmosphere style from Tna has the perfect comfortable waistband.

I've owned this Outdoor Voices dress for over a year but since becoming pregnant have formed a newfound appreciation for how wonderful it is. Aside from looking cute, it has built-in shorts, I can wear it without a bra, and it even has hidden pockets in the lining.

Since my workouts aren't high-impact, I can get away with wearing easy bralettes like this extremely soft one from Thirdlove.

These have been my go-to leggings for years and, thanks to the fact that they stretch to fit over my bump, still are.

I own a pair of non-maternity Nike shorts that are sold out but very similar to this gray pair, and I wear them both around the house and out for walks regularly. 

As I grow, I've found that I'm starting to need longer tops in order to fully cover my stomach. According to hundreds of reviews, this one is amazing.

We can file these under "if you trust Nordstrom shoppers" as well.