I'm Pregnant and Work in Fashion, and I'm Wearing These 4 Items on Repeat

Getting knocked up can certainly be a time full of anxieties. When I first saw that positive pregnancy test, my life whirled before my eyes. I had so many worries about the birth day and about impending drastic body changes, and I had profound questions arise—like "Am I going to be a good parent?" and "Will I ever be able to smell food without throwing up again?" With such a laundry list of potential concerns, moms-to-be definitely do not need the additional stress of worrying about what to wear. However, for many pregnant women, that is, unfortunately, a constant issue throughout trimesters one through three.

As my ribs and hips widened for the baby and my belly got rounder, I struggled with feelings of insecurity in many of my tried-and-tested outfits. I wasn't excited anymore to get dressed up because nothing fit like it once had. After feeling sorry for myself for a couple of weeks, I decided that I needed to get outfits specifically for my oncoming maternity months. Once I did that, I started feeling comfortable in my own body once again. I felt excited to dress up and look cute! So for any moms-to-be who may be overwhelmed by the whole process like I was, here is a lovingly curated list of my maternity-approved options that will hopefully take just one of your many concerns away.

1. High-Waist Dresses

Dresses are an obvious choice in pregnancy. They are easy, cute, and comfy. They allow for the frequent urinations that pregnant moms are all too acquainted with yet still allow for a feeling of cuteness that sometimes seems hard to achieve in trimesters two and three. I've found that not all dresses work for pregnancy, though. It is super important to choose those with higher waistlines to allow for growth. Not to mention, these are dresses that take you through your pregnancy and can still be worn after your baby is Earth-side.

This Who What Wear Collection dress is so friendly to pregnant women. It felt easy to wear this all day, and I love the mustard color as a stand-apart dress to the many black and white options that pregnant women have.

I love Farm Rio's aesthetic, and the brand's dresses are wonderful for pregnancy. They are roomy, and better yet, they are like art pieces in their own right. If your style leans bohemian, this is the brand for you.

Veronica Beard has the extended-size options so crucial to pregnancy, and this dress was my favorite pick for the upcoming holiday season. It is chic and comfortable, and I love that I can also wear it after birth.

I love a statement black dress paired with cool boots. This Mango number is perfect for casual to fancier outfits and for all trimesters and after.

This silky dress is happy and chic. Paired with sneakers or heels, it's an ideal choice.

2. One-and-Done Overalls

These cult classics are perfect for more than just a day spent at the farm drinking cider or meeting friends for lunch. They are also the perfect option throughout pregnancy due to their roomy nature. Importantly, they don't require much thought, and one can throw them on with a cute top or sweater for styling. Comfort is key when pregnant, and I don't know a soul who would deny that overalls are the most comfortable denim option out there.

Madewell is the go-to source for the super-cool mom anyways, so a pair of stretchy overalls from this It-girl brand is a match made in heaven for any maternity wardrobe. Paired with a flowy blouse, these overalls embody the cool-mom archetype.

When things really started popping out in trimesters two and three, Hatch became my go-to maternity brand. Its Zadie cotton overalls are game-changing for me, and I have been essentially living in them.

Anthropologie is one of those cult brands I turn to for inspiration when envisioning my life as the ultimate bohemian mom. These overalls bring in another color option, and the fabric is so stretchy that I can move freely while wearing these now and will still reach for them post-pregnancy.

A classic pair of oversize overalls can never go amiss, but this Everlane pair is especially transition-friendly and looks cool with a tee or a sweater.

Honestly, this pair of overalls from Target was one of my best purchases of 2021. I have lived in them for the last month, and I deeply thank them for their honorable service.

3. Luxe Loungewear

Let's be honest. For many pregnant women, it's about just getting through it without losing our minds. With all of the hormonal changes and the accompanying body/life changes, sometimes, we just need to be comfortable and able to move from laying down on the couch to running errands with ease. That's where luxe loungewear comes in. And trust me. When I am not in my overalls, I am living in my loungewear.

Some days, I need to feel luxurious, even when I've done nothing other than watch The Great British Bake Off. That's where the Asceno matching-set pajamas come in. They are luxe, and you can wear them around the house or dress them up with heels for a tame night out.

This Vitamin A recycled cashmere set is timeless and perfect for the reclining mother-to-be.

Shop the matching Ventana Cashmere Pants ($250).

Allbirds sent me an all-white loungewear set, and I was surprised by how well the sweatpants fit at the beginning of my third trimester. They aren't great for mealtime, as they are prone to getting stained, but they were cool and laid-back for running errands.

My friend and fellow influencer Taylor LaShae sent me her clothing from her collaboration with NA-KD, and these pants were so comfy and cozy during my second trimester. Perfect for naps and coffee dates.

Stretchy and soft is the name of the game in pregnancy and postpartum, and this set from Gap accomplishes both of those qualities with a little cool factor thrown in as well.

4. Outfit-Making Accessories

When pregnancy brain hits, the last thing we want to think about is putting a cute outfit together. That is totally okay and totally normal and totally something I do multiple times a week. When the brain fog just won't quit, it's best to keep it ridiculously easy. Throw on a stretchy T-shirt and some maternity jeans, and pair them with accessories or jewelry that you just don't take off. It's impossible to forget something that never left your body to begin with.

A double gold chain can make any outfit feel luxe. These chunky pieces won't rust when you go from couch to bathtub either.

Opt for Mejuri's classic gold stackable rings, and no matter what you wear, you will feel dressed up and put-together.

This bag feels like it belongs to the Greek goddess Venus, which is exactly the type of energy moms-to-be need to be channeling during pregnancy.

When you head out for the day, having fabulous hair is the simplest and most effective option for feeling put-together. This Loeffler Randall headband is fancy-schmancy and won't take any time to throw on.

Ever the fashionista, don't waste all of your time on your outfit when you can opt for a statement bag like this glittery stunner.