The Maternity Jeans That Every Stylish Mother-to-Be Swears By

Maternity clothing gets such a bad reputation for providing shapeless, trend-less, and overall unflattering selection of clothing for the women who wear them. While this isn’t completely unfounded, we’ve found that more often than not, it’s all about where you shop. To that end, we spoke with maternity shopping destination Tilden about hunting down the perfect denim.

While the retailer does carry maternity denim, “we feel like it’s the only category that doesn’t have a viable workaround come late second and third trimester for moms (we’re working on fixing that!),” the brand says. “While 100% of moms we surveyed expressed varying degrees of dissatisfaction with their maternity wear broadly (ranging from ‘necessary evil’ to ‘wanted to burn it’), over 90% of them reported buying maternity denim by their third trimester, with the majority converting in month five.”

Especially for expecting mothers who approach pregnancy style in less literal ways, denim is continually the one item that proves to be a necessity at some point during the pregnancy. From the coolest boyfriend jeans to trend-forward split-hem pairs, this is our definitive guide to the denim you’ll wear during these special nine months (and possibly after).

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