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As a mom of two, I can attest to the fact that moms-to-be and new moms don’t have it easy when it comes to finding effortlessly chic maternity and postpartum outfits (especially pieces that can be worn well after having a baby). I completely acknowledge that it has 100% gotten better since my own mother and grandmother’s time, but there is no denying that there is room for improvement. It is for that very reason the editors at Who What Wear became instant fans of Bumpsuit. And we aren’t the only ones—fashion people and celebrities, including Chrissy Teigen, are regularly spotted in the cool pieces. The reason? The line offers a range of bodysuits that can be worn during every stage of pregnancy, postpartum, and even if you aren’t pregnant at all thanks to the well-chosen stretchy fabric. There is a great selection of shapewear and loungewear that’s worthy of checking out as well.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Bumpsuit’s founder, Nicole Trunfio, to discuss its growing popularity, the brand’s mission, plus its future plans. Keep scrolling to read the interview and to shop some of the most-coveted pieces. 


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In your opinion, what is it about Bumpsuit that has made it so popular?

I think empowering women to look good and feel good and show off their bodies in such a special time of their lives. We are introducing and redefining a new maternity uniform. Definitely our fabric! People absolutely love it. When I was pregnant, I couldn't find anything to wear that made me feel confident, comfortable, and chic at the same time. I also didn't want to be wasteful and buy a lot of clothing items that I would only wear once. I think so many women can relate to this feeling while they are pregnant and their bodies are constantly changing and there is so much discomfort involved. My goal was to create pieces that make women feel beautiful and sexy with fabrics and styles they could wear throughout their entire pregnancy and beyond, which is why I believe we receive so much positive feedback from across the globe. I see every message, review, and photo online, and it's the most incredible feeling to play a small part in helping so many look and feel their best with staple wardrobe pieces that can be worn when pregnant or not.

How is your fabric that soft? Tell me about the process of finding it. What makes it so soft yet able to shape?

It was important to me that all of our styles would be comfortable with no digging into our growing lady bumps and maintain their shape so that they could stretch gently and be worn postpartum. Our fabric is a brushed jersey, with a four-way stretch, making it very malleable and soft. It took a lot of trial and research to ensure we had the perfect match for our collections. With our Essentials, we use a super-soft four-way stretch fabric, and our new Summer Pops line features a lightweight, quick-dry fabric, which is amazing for sunny days. 

Is it just for pregnant women?

No. It's for ALL your lady bumps. Our styles are great for anyone and everyone. When I think about sustainability, this is a huge factor. You don’t have to buy maternity clothing for a short period in your life, that is thrown away—you can wear them at any stage in your life. They don't have any extra or loose material, so just follow our size guide, and you will quickly find yourself adding all types of styles and hues to your wardrobe. You can see from our new website the same styles on paper-thin models to plus-size models and heavily pregnant models. They are all wearing the same size. That’s how malleable the fabric is, no pinning, no tricks! I say, "A Bumpsuit a day," because I truly wear them for everything from working out to girls' night out. Tthey are great dressed up and dressed down and have an elevated, timeless feeling. 


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Why did you decide to expand beyond your DTC site?

We never set out to go into the wholesale business. Our DTC is so strong, and our community is so loyal. Although, it wasn't a hard no. We were open to it but wanted to make sure our production line was smooth and silhouettes very perfected. I wanted to entertain partnerships that made sense for the brand. Hence we have expanded to a small yet specific handful of retail partnerships. Harrods is our newest and first physical retail presence. We are really excited to launch our first shop-in-shop with them. I was so honored when they approached us—this is the very first time they welcomed a maternity brand into the store. They are a legacy brand, so it was such an honor—I actually shed a tear. It makes me feel what we are doing is speaking to women on a new level, that we are redefining maternity fashion and really pioneering something. 

We have been focusing our energy on the core collection, working on our custom fabric and patterns to get everything perfect first. To be honest, it was a soft spot for me. I never found something that I felt confident buying in the maternity and postpartum space. I felt like the brands on offer were so "mumsy," and I didn't like the way I felt forced into a new me when I wanted to maintain the same "me" whilst becoming a mother. I don't know how to explain it, but everything just seemed to say, "You're pregnant, you're becoming a mum now, here is some uncool, butchered-looking clothing for you to buy… Oh and then it goes to waste after you have the baby." Most of the clothing also just seemed like a weird science project adding space for a bump. It was a stage that I felt was forced on me by marketing, and I wanted to dismiss it. Bumpsuit is for women who want to maintain their identity, that is strong and powerful, and who aren't afraid to "free the bump."

I felt selfish to keep it as DTC, I wanted women to feel this product and have it readily available to them. My whole thing, my purpose, is to empower women and unite us. Bumpsuit feels like a vessel for that. I want to open conversations between women all over the world, talk about things we don't get to talk about, feel the resonance, and feel the camaraderie. Since launching, we have had a lot of top retailers reaching out asking for wholesale. It's been great. 


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Which piece is selling the fastest, and why do you think that is? 

Definitely a tie between The Kate and the support waist trainer. Oh, and the Cindy, in a close second. The waist trainer was the first piece of shapewear I added to the collection. I think it's different than all the Kardashian sequel (can I say that?) waist trainers, which are definitely a thing. This is simpler, more streamlined, and more comfortable, with no bulging bits or Velcro, etc. Just a really supportive compression band that is amazing for postpartum 24 to 48 hours after laboring. It [provides] amazing support when your body feels like Jell-o, needs grounding after birth, needs skeletal support to sit up and feed your new baby. It’s amazing even for people that want to use it for shapewear underneath looks. It's sculpting. It's also great for people who work desk jobs and need that support or people using it for fitness and working out or even a bad back. You can wear it to sleep in. It’s that comfortable but also gets the job done. You just have to try it to know why it's got five-star reviews and it’s always sold out.

What's next for Bumpsuit?

Wow, so much. We have some really exciting retail partnerships coming up. We are expanding the line into many other categories. We are breaking stereotypes and boundaries and beautifying this space with incredible products. Making mum life easier, cozier, and just better. 


(Image credit: @bumpsuit)

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