I Tried on All the Autumn Essentials in Mango, and This Is What I'd Recommend

Here at Who What Wear UK, we're all about delivering the latest and greatest shopping edits, as approved by our team. That's why we've created this offshoot shopping column as part of our We Try Before You Buy franchise, which will see me, Joy Montgomery, heading to all your favorite stores to test out new-in pieces IRL. From summer dresses to intriguing new brands, prepare for changing room selfies aplenty. Is there something you'd like me to cover? Make sure to tweet or message me via Instagram for requests.

From Topshop to New Look and Arket to & Other Stories, I can safely say that I have an embarrassingly comprehensive knowledge of Oxford Street's changing rooms (Arket's have nice lighting and are roomy while & Other Stories' are always very clean, but that's a separate story altogether). It's always interesting to compare the IRL experience of a store to its digital platforms. Generally, they're consistent in terms of aesthetic and product offering, but sometimes there's a bit of a disconnect. This is what motivated my shopping subject this week.

After a quick office survey, it occurred to me that many of my colleagues loved Mango's online offering of grown-up, stylish pieces. However, some found that in-store, the IRL experience doesn't always match up with the slick virtual one. As someone who's up for a challenge, I decided to make a trip to the brand's Oxford Street branches to do a bit of shopping-based investigation.

My findings were that it's best to discover the pieces you love on the website first. Then, when you're in a store, ask an assistant for help finding them. Those expensive-looking gems are there, but they're probably hidden among many other products. Also, take a look at the "last chance to buy" rail because this essentially acts as a ready-made edit of the most popular products around right now. Lastly, a quick changing room tip for the main Oxford Street branch (the one next to Gap): Forgo the second-floor women's changing rooms and instead make your way to the top floor (next to the outlet), where there are rarely any queues. You're welcome.

Hopefully, these tips will help you have a more happy and productive Mango shopping experience because once you get to the good stuff, the autumn collection is so chic. It's definitely up there as one of my favorite high-street collections this season. Think powder-blue suits, gorgeous brown checked coats, and butter-soft leather separates. Mango's seriously nailed its autumn color palette. Scroll down to see my pick of the best new-season pieces.


(Image credit: Joy Montgomery)

Style Notes: If you put this look in a lineup of designer suits, I honestly don't think I'd bat an eye. Aside from the stylish color, I was really impressed by the fabric—it didn't have the shiny finish that some high-street suits offer and the weighty fabric meant it hung well. The only thing to note is that the trousers are super long, and I would have to wear heels to avoid the hems dragging on the ground (I'm 5'7")… or take them up.


(Image credit: Joy Montgomery)

Style Notes: I have so much time for this brown checked coat. In fact, I want to marry it and have its babies. It's all I could ever want from a coat; it's just the right amount of oversize without looking shapeless, and the traditional brown checks look like an updated version of Harris Tweed. If you prefer a slightly more fitted silhouette, then you should order a size down (I'm wearing a small). Definitely one of the Mango's autumn hero pieces.


(Image credit: Joy Montgomery)

Style Notes: I feel very Great Gatsby in this flowing silk maxi. It's a little creased, but if it was pressed and paired with some strappy high heels (my black loafers kind of work in a weird way, though) and a spangly clutch, I'd feel like a million dollars. The tasseled scarf detail (which is attached) is also a fun addition.


(Image credit: Joy Montgomery)

Style Notes: This isn't going to win any awards for originality, but sometimes you can't go wrong with the classics. This cream-colored cashmere roll-neck is so warm and will be a dream when the weather cools. Use it to layer up a summer dress or pair it with a colored suit. The trousers, meanwhile, play into this season's heritage trend, but unlike traditional styles, they taper out at the bottom.


(Image credit: Joy Montgomery)

Style Notes: This has been a popular dress choice with the blogging crowd, and I can certainly see why. Red snakeskin might sound a little over the top. However, when paired with '80s-style ruffles in a demure, covered-up silhouette, it feels a little less flashy and a little more fashion. The dress is sold out online, but it's still available at ASOS and Debenhams (always remember to check other retailers for sold-out pieces).


(Image credit: Joy Montgomery)

Style Notes: I love how leather has had a bit of a rebranding this season. No longer just confined to biker jackets and sweaty trousers (sorry, but it's true), it's now the subject of more refined pieces. Case in point? This shirt-and-skirt pairing that's made from the softest brown leather, meaning both pieces fit nicely around the body. Wear together for an easy, statement-making outfit.


(Image credit: Joy Montgomery)

Style Notes: A small insight into the difficulties I encountered while putting together this piece: Shops don't usually let you take shoes into the changing rooms, so usually I just make myself stick with a pair I already own. Sadly, my Jigsaw loafers did not look good with this skirt, so I had to scuttle out onto the shop floor and, in full Mango get-up, surreptitiously slip on a pair of heels like some sort of terrible burglar. Anyway, it was worth it to get the shot, because I am loving this sequined midi skirt, which looks great when contrasted with a cozy knit. Perfect for smart-casual affairs.


(Image credit: Joy Montgomery)

Style Notes: This silk dress alone was very Great Gatsby, but when it's paired with a leopard-print faux-fur coat, we enter Kate Moss territory (in the best way possible). It's all too easy for a high-street leopard coat to feel a little cheap. However, there's something about the print and texture of this Mango piece that feels expensive. I would consider ordering a size up for a more statement silhouette.


(Image credit: Joy Montgomery)

Style Notes: Sorry if you're a little bored of cord at the moment, but the high street can't get enough of it (I also have a soft spot for the trend). Mango offers a few colored cord suits in its autumn collection, and these pink trousers are one half of a dusty pink two-piece. I like the wide-leg fit, which looks great with a sporty, slim-fit ribbed top.

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