9 Chic Inside Clothes You'll Also Want to Wear Outside Eventually

Certain clothing items and outfits just don't work indoors. I think we're learning this more than ever now that many of us are working from home and spending far more time indoors than we ever thought we would. I don't know about you, but when I'm staying home, I have no tolerance for rigid fabrics, super-high waistbands, or anything clingy or itchy. Basically, I just don't want to wear anything uncomfortable in the slightest. But I also don't want to invest in a ton of "inside clothes" that I won't want to wear outside when we're given the okay to venture out again. 

Not that it's a problem, but my solution to this "problem" is to shop for the types of pieces that can be both. I selected nine trends and basics that stylish women are wearing inside right now that you'll definitely want to wear outdoors eventually. Keep scrolling to shop the items, and find out how to wear them indoors now and outdoors later.


Inside: Wear them with loose jeans or with sweatpants to dress them up a bit. 

Outside: Pair one with a midi-length denim skirt and platforms for a '70s-inspired look.

Slide Sandals

Inside: Since they haven't touched the ground outdoors yet, wear them as house shoes for now.

Outside: Turn your house shoes into your most comfortable summer sandals.

White Button-Down Shirt

Inside: Wear it over leggings or bike shorts.

Outside: Wear it with a shorts suit or tuck it into flared jeans or Bermuda shorts.

White button-down shirt



Two-Piece Sets

Inside: Add some jewelry if you want. Shoes optional.

Outside: In the summer, most matching sets look chic with a pair of flat slide sandals and gold jewelry.

Crew Socks

Inside: Pair this cheap, wildly popular trend with your favorite sweats.

Outside: Pull them up over leggings with your sneakers, Kaia Gerber–style.



Ribbed Tank Tops

Inside: Wear them with anything: pajamas, knit shorts, sweats, jeans, the list goes on…

Outside: High-waisted jeans or shorts and whatever shoes you please will do the trick.

White ribbed tank top



Stretchy Jeans

Inside: A sweatshirt, T-shirt, or sweater are all comfortable options.

Outside: Wear them with your favorite puff-sleeve top.

Knit Shorts

Inside: Wear them with anything you'd wear your favorite sweatpants with.

Outside: Embrace the sporty look and pair them with sneakers, crew socks, and a T-shirt or tank (or a white button-down if you want to dress them up a bit).

Pretty Pajamas

Inside: All you need is your pajamas and your favorite slippers.

Outside: If ever there were a time to revive the pajama-dressing trend, it'll be 2020. Just be sure to accessorize and wear them with shoes that don't resemble slippers.


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