SOS—These 17 Lip Balms Will Actually Protect You From Chap City This Season

Best Lip Balms



Finding your ultimate lip balm is kind of like finding your ultimate partner. We want a multipurpose product that can weather the storm when the going gets rough, something composed of the utmost quality, and that will never leave us hanging in Flake City. That said, when it comes to lip balms (even the "best" formulas), we're all too often left disappointed, quickly kicking them to the curb.

My beauty PIC Courtney Higgs and I have kissed a lot of frogs within the lip balm dating pool qne we're here to set you up with our favorite very eligible lip balms. From formulas spiked with SPF and skincare-grade ingredients like hyaluronic acid to to the prettiest tubes packed with the most flattering of tints and finishes, we swear the below 17 options will do some serious battle against dry, chapped lips. Keep scrolling!

Best Lip Balms

Why you'll love it: "I've been wearing this $8 strawberry-flavored lip balm since high school, and it keeps my lips hydrated for a full 24 hours—no re-application necessary." 

Why you'll love it: "This advanced therapy version of Fresh's cult-classic balm is one of my favorites. It goes on clear, plumps your lips, and offers an extra-strong dose of smooth, hyaluronic acid–infused hydration that lasts and lasts and lasts. It's amazing under lipstick."

Why you'll love it: "This is the balm I always have with me at the airport and when I'm traveling—it delivers a slick coat of dewy, creamy nourishment and has the most addictive orange-vanilla scent."

Why you'll love it: "This raspberry-popsicle tinted balm from Tata Harper is one of my favorite beauty products of all time, in all categories—it hydrates, boosts lip volume, treats, and delivers the most flattering punch of juicy color."

Why you'll love it: "Perhaps the most iconic of any lip balm, La Mer's signature peppermint-patty smelling balm features the brand's trademark Miracle Broth to instantly give your lips a softer, smoother, all-around healthier feel. It's the one I keep on my nightstand because it's not too slippery or greasy, so I don't feel like it gets all over my silk pillowcases like some other balms."

Why you'll love it: "This is the best lip-plumping balm in existence—plus, it actually keeps your lips smooth and moisturized and adjusts to the unique pH of your lips for a customized shade of pink. The shade Big-O is my fave."

Why you'll love it: "If you're a fan of Nars's cult-classic blush, you also need this shiny, peachy-pink lip blam in your life."

Why you'll love it: "I'm convinced Kosas makes the very best lipsticks in all the land, but I reach for these tinted balms when my lips need a little more TLC and I'm looking for a slightly more understated lip color sitch. I'm obsessed with both Rush and Pulse and am begging the brand come out with even more color options—that's how much I adore the formula."

Why you'll love it: "I'm obsessed with this lip treatment balm from It Cosmetics—it's a pH-adjusting, shade-shifting rosy hue that's been in my makeup bag for years, and I'm convinced it is the best antidote for makeup and no-makeup days alike. Plus, it keeps lips supremely shiny, soft, and moisturized—even in the dead of winter and bitter winds and cold!"

Why you'll love it: "I'm so damn obsessed with this iconic blam from Glossier. Untinted, the flavor called Birthday not only tastes and smells like fluffy Funfetti sheet cake, it also has the prettiest flecks of glitter and shimmer without looking tacky or like you're trying too hard. I love layering it underneath and on top of my favorite lipsticks."

Why you'll love it: "Literally every single celebrity and makeup artists is obsessed with Dr. PawPaw. The brand makes a number of lip formulas, but this adjusting peachy-pink shade of lip balm is my favorite—it's $8, and you can even use it on your cheeks for a sweet flush of color that also banishes chap and windburn." 

Why you'll love it: "This Parisian lip twist from Sisley is another one of my favorite makeup products of all time and across all categories. The colors are divine, the finish is glossy and hydrating, and they're just the all-around perfect lip balm. I've hoarded quite a few of the colors over the years, but this bright shade of coral is a standout. Or, if you don't want so much tint, there are also nude and super-sheer pink options." 

Best Lip Balms

Why you'll love it: "I agree with Erin, this salve is wonderful. It’s nice and thick without being sticky and actually leaves your lips feeling hydrated instead of just greasy. I can’t remember what life was like before BDC, but I can only imagine that I was living a perpetually parch-lipped existence." 

Why you'll love it: "This naturally derived overnight mask stays put on your lips no matter how much tossing and turning you do throughout the night. I love waking up with soft, hydrated lips."

Why you'll love it: "This velvety smooth lip conditioner is the perfect companion to keep on hand when you’re on the go because it doesn’t require any fingertips for application. It’s super light and refreshing. Once you swipe it on, there’s no fussing to keep hair from getting stuck in it."

Why you'll love it: This hemp-derived lip balm also contains shea, cocoa, and mango butter to keep lips hydrated year around.

Why you'll love it: "This tried-and-true ointment can be used to treat dry skin anywhere on the body, including lips. No frills here, but it gets the job done."

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