Sabrina Carpenter Just Hard Launched Her Relationship (and a Color-Changing Prada Lip Balm)

Sabrina Carpenter with rosy cheeks and glossy lips

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ICYMI, Sabrina Carpenter has just graced us with her newest summer bop, "Please Please Please," along with a music video featuring her new boyfriend, Barry Keoghan, as her partner in crime. I've personally watched the masterpiece about 47 times already (48 since writing this sentence), and I'm obsessing over more than just her relationship hard launch. (While people have been speculating on their romance for months, we can now officially call the duo music-video official.)

I know beauty is my full-time job, but I really can't get over the glam—starting with that stunning mystery balm she taps on her lips before the first chord even starts. She's so mesmerized by the product that she's not even listening to the officer on the other side of the plexiglass (that is until Keoghan turns the corner and steals her attention), and I have a feeling I'd be just as entranced by the item.

I didn't have to wonder for long—a little digging, and was able to discover the exact lippie. It turns out, Carpenter was using a new, color-changing lip balm from Prada Beauty. I should have known from the chic silver packaging!

Prada Beauty Moisturizing Lip Balm in Astral Pink

Prada's Moisturizing Lip Balm comes in five shades: one clear, three tinted, and one with a micro-blushing technology that adjusts to your skin's pH levels for a color unique to your lips. (Carpenter uses the latter, which is named Astral pink.)

The bullet itself has a bluish hue, but rest assured it glides on clear and transforms into the perfect shade of rose. It also leaves behind a subtle sheen, thanks to moisturizing jojoba oil and bifidus extract (aka a probiotic extract that's known for healing the skin barrier. Translation? No more painful cracks and pesky flakes).

Because of its color-changing technology, this lip color flatters all skin tones; so if you're not sure which tinted balm you should snag in the Prada bunch, I suggest opting for the one that self-adjusts based on your pH. A bonus? You can even tap it on your cheekbones, too, for a blush shade that instantly fuses to your undertones. Run, don't walk, though—it's currently sold out on the Prada Beauty website, but you can still snag it right now at Nordstrom. I don't expect it to stay in stock long, so consider this your sign to strike while the iron is hot!

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