The Best Bra for Every Body Type, From a Lingerie Expert


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You've heard it before—some 75% of women are wearing the wrong bra. But even though finding the right bra isn't easy, it's something all women have to deal with. To point us in the right direction, we turned to Lyn Lewis, CEO of Journelle, to fill us in on the which bra styles work best for each woman. We understand that the best lingerie for your body type is a personal thing and everyone has their own preferences. That being said, finding out tips from an expert is a great way to discover the silhouette that can work best for you. Whether you're after the perfect cut to wear under a T-shirt or the lace-trimmed bralettes that are too pretty to keep concealed, we've rounded up six key styles to try and the body types they work best for. Keep reading to find out which bra styles are best for your body type, and shop our favorite picks.


"Balconette bras fall under the 'demi' category. These work great for a 'slope' breast shape, where the weight of the breast tissue falls on the bottom. The demi will give you minimal coverage on the top, and a great, natural-looking boost. It's a classic, romantic cut. This is not a good shape for women with a 'full' breast shape, where the balance of the breast tissue is on top, as they would be liable to spill out of this type of bra."


"We definitely love bralettes in the office. Bralettes often have gorgeous straps and backs, as these are less critical to the support of the bra, making them a fun fashion accessory to show off under loose T-shirts and summer dresses. Most bralettes work best for most shapes, but if you have a fuller or larger cup size, you'll want a long-line wireless style like the Fortnight Luna Longline Bra, which uses its larger, snug band to provide support in the absence of an underwire."


"At Journelle, we find most of our customers are looking for underwire bras to serve as their lingerie staple. The underwire provides support, which can be especially necessary for larger and full cups. Women who think an underwire is uncomfortable may be surprised to learn that they are wearing the wrong size. I always tell my girlfriends it's important to get fitted by an expert. There's a world of difference in wearing a properly fitted underwire bra that gives you support and doesn't dig into your breast tissue all day. Depending on your breast shape, a wider or a higher underwire (this is the shape or 'smile' of the metal wire) may feel more comfortable."


"Contour bras are those with a thin pad in the cup inside the underwire. This style provides shaping and structure, and creates a smooth and seamless look under even thin T-shirts and blouses."


"This is my personal all-time favorite bra silhouette. It's suited for all body types. Because the coverage on the plunge extends higher on the strap, it helps keep in full-shapes and smoothes out the breast shape for slope types. Plunge bras can be lined or unlined. Some of our best-selling bras—Journelle Victoire, Natori Feathers, and Journelle Camille Plunge Bra—are all in this category."


"First off, I feel compelled to share a Journelle PSA: Your breasts are great and beautiful the size they are! That said, push-ups have their place, and some women love them. With the extra padding on the bottom, push-ups can give an overall rounded look to a 'slope' breast shape. One thing to watch out for is a push-up bra that is too full-coverage for you or which has stretched out in the cup over time. This can cause a visible-through-clothing ridge at the top of the bra because the fabric is so stiff, and it's a dead giveaway that you're wearing an ill-fitting push-up. A bit of a padding can be great too in strapless bras, as it's helpful in giving a rounded shape."

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