These Are the Leggings Everyone Is Buying on The Iconic

Whether you're an active person or not so much, leggings tend to be on high-rotation most days of the week. We see them at the gym, at the shops, at the office (if your workplace is chill like that), and most interestingly, we see them in street style. Being as fashion curious as we are, we wondered, since there are so many types of leggings out there, which styles are most sought after? We reached out to one of Australia's biggest online retailers, The Iconic, to find the answer.

A pair of full-length compression leggings by Tully Lou came in as one of the most popular styles. (Absolutely no shocker there.) But the results that surprised us the most were two sets of maternity leggings by Bamboo Body and Ripe, both sitting around similar price-points. Both made with ultra-stretchy materials, they mustn't be lying when they say they are comfortable. (Speaking of comfort, we've rounded up 15 of the best shoes to wear with leggings.) And the one thing all three have in common? They're all full-length. 

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Opening image: Getty Images