These Are the Most Popular Leggings of 2016

Let's pause for a second to wax poetic about how wonderful leggings are. They're comfortable, sleek, and stylish—there's a reason you couldn't stop wearing them (and we couldn't stop writing about them) this year. Now that the year is coming to a close, we're reflecting back on some of our favorite stories about this athleisure staple, and we're left with one crucial question. Dear readers, what were the leggings that you loved most?

We found the answers by diving into our data, taking a look back at the styles that piqued your interest over the past 365 days. Finally, the results are in, and five reader-approved styles truly stood out from the crowd in 2016. Curious to see which leggings made the cut? You'll just have to read on for the results (and then pick up a pair or two if you haven't already).

Check out the top five styles below!