I'm a Layering Expert—5 New Outfit Ideas I'm Trying This Winter


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Layering is one of the most fun parts of cold-weather dressing. It allows for new possibilities for your favorite pieces and updated combinations for your wardrobe additions. This winter, I set out to find interesting outfit formulas involving some of my go-to basics and those I'd like to buy in the new year

The art of layering involves a balance of the right pieces, proportions, and materials that all make sense and, of course, match the temperature accordingly. Everyday tank tops, T-shirts, turtlenecks, and bodysuits make for the perfect bottom layers followed by middle layers that include vests, cardigans, sweaters, and button-downs. Depending on the weather you're dressing for, you can top off with a mid-weight jacket or heavy coat and pile on the accessories. 

Different combinations of all of these pieces are included in my outfit ideas below as well as the shopping needs for each. Keep scrolling for a lesson in layering.

Coat + Button-Down + T-Shirt


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The Penny Lane shearling coat is on my winter must-have list, and a button-down is one of my favorite staples, so I'm obsessed with this look. These two chic pieces are effortlessly layered over a T-shirt and jeans.

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Coat + Turtleneck + Sweater-Vest


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The skirt layering outfit is an art all its own. A cropped sweater-vest is the perfect way to style it, and the wellie boots finish off the look.

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Quilted Coat + Minidress + Scarf


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A dress over jeans is a playful early-aughts trend that has seen a micro-trend-style return. Layer on a quilted coat and chunky scarf. 

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Longline Coat + Vest + T-Shirt


Layering a vest over a longline coat is a unique way to pile on warm outerwear. Throw this combination over an effortless T-shirt and trousers.

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Trench Coat + Cardigan + Turtleneck


I love the unexpected nature of a black trench coat. Match it to your turtleneck and add a cozy cardigan. 

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