I Obsess Over an Outfit When It Features This One Shoe Trend

While one of the more polarizing shoe trends out there, knee-high boots are still very much a thing. In fact, they’ve more or less become staples in celeb and fashion girls’ wardrobes at this point. To be honest, I live for it when these women showcase their cool knee-high-boot outfits because to me, the shoe silhouette adds a statement-making, modern, and forward twist to any ensemble.

Sure, they can seem daunting to pull off, but in reality, anyone can add the boots into their rotation and make them work because they can go with everything—from a sweater-and-jean situation to, yes, even a tailored suit look. Rather than sit here and talk your ear off, I thought I’d showcase what I mean with seven must-try outfits featuring the shoe trend I’ll always be into. I also shopped out my favorite knee-high boots of the moment if you’re ready to jump on the trend.

Wearing coordinating knee-high boots with a suit is particularly forward because it's so unexpected. 

Pair knee-high boots with an eye-catching dress to complete the look. 

Skinny jeans work flawlessly with knee-high boots because they stuff perfectly inside. 

Finish off a winter ensemble by wearing on-trend white boots with a printed skirt and puffer jacket. 

You'll make an instant statement no matter where you go in red knee-high boots. 

While ankle boots would've worked here, knee-highs give a more dramatic feel to this winter 'fit. 

Live somewhere warmer? Well, good news: Knee-high boots can work with a short-dress ensemble as well.

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