My 56-Year-Old Mom Says These Fall Trends Will Last

Call me biased, but when it comes to fashion, my mom has lived through decades of trends, and she really knows her stuff. Whether it’s the best brands for basics or the essentials worth investing in, she has always had strong pulse on the fashion world, but with the unique perspective of a real shopper, rather than insider or editor.

So naturally when it came time to decide which fall trends I should invest in this year, I figured why not tap her again to see which ones she thought would last for more than just a few months? The good news is that of the 10 major trends I asked my mom about, she thought a majority of them (seven, to be exact), will be around for a while…

To read about and shop those which she thinks are in for the long haul (and see which she feels are just temporary), just keep scrolling.

Won't Last: Pistachio 

Why: “It might be nice as an accessory for the moment, but any color trend that’s not neutral usually looks passé after a while.”

Won’t Last: Feathers

Why: “Loud trends don’t usually last long.”

Won't Last: Mega-Oversize Bags

Why: “They’re unpractical and unflattering—it looks almost like you’re carrying a suitcase.”

Now for the trends that will last...

Will Last: Capes

Why: “Capes have always been a classic, so even if they rise and fall in popularity over the years, they’re worth keeping in your wardrobe.”

Will Last: Snake Print

Why: “People seem to be sick of a lot of the other animal prints right now, and snake print feels different, but also is classic and always looks expensive.”

Will Last: Leather Outfits

Why: “Always. Leather has never lost its importance.”

Will Last: Square-Toe Heels

Why: “If not too exaggerated, square-toe heels feel very fresh and modern.”

Will Last: Lamé

Why: “Lamé has always been a glamorous fabric, so whenever it’s reintroduced, it stays around for a long time.”

Will Last: Quilting

Why: “Top designers such as Chanel have incorporated quilting for years, so I think it will always be relevant.”

Will Last: Chunky-Soled Boots

Why: “These have always been around because they’re actually practical if you need a good all-weather boot.”