Shop Genius Gifts Under $15

Photo: Le21eme

The truth is that while we'd love to treat our friends, family, and co-workers to the luxurious gifts they deserve, sometimes it just doesn't shake out that way. But luckily it turns out you don't have to spend a ton to give a gift that still feels special. In fact, all you really need is $15. To prove it, we're rounding up our favorite gifts that cost less than your takeout lunch (at least here in NYC). These gift ideas run the gamut from practical to just plain fun and will manage to make those close to you feel the love—just in a way that's budget friendly for you. So if you're ready to make a dent in your holiday shopping, look no further; these 20 gifts will help make a major dent in your nice list for 2017.

Check out our favorite $15-and-under picks below, and get ready to embrace the holiday cheer (while saving for the New Year)!