These Gucci Beauty Products Are the Height of Quiet (and Affordable) Luxury



The catchphrase of the moment is "quiet luxury." In case you haven't heard of the term, it's all about opting for luxurious items that don't immediately scream "designer." In other words, we're forgoing logo bags and obvious labels in favor of tasteful, high-quality pieces that an untrained eye might think nothing of.

Yes, it all sounds very WASP-y, but quiet luxury is actually an easier aesthetic to obtain than you may think. I'm here to tell you that the easiest way to participate in the quiet-luxury trend is through beauty products. 

Beauty products are the perfect way to add a bit of bite-sized luxury into your life at a more manageable price point. Let's be honest. Given the current economic climate, many of us can't afford to splurge on investment pieces from quiet-luxury mecca The Row (as much as we might like to). A high-quality lipstick or a long-lasting perfume is a much more realistic way to tap into the trend. 

As I'm trying to add some luxe beauty products into my own life, I've turned my attention to Gucci. Gucci's beauty selection is one of the best from designer brands. Think gorgeous, vintage-inspired packaging, highly efficacious formulas, and branding that doesn't feel over-the-top. Below, find my curated Gucci beauty edit. The best part? Everything on this list is under $100, and many items are under $50. 

Wearing Gucci's signature Goldie Red on your nails heightens any look. It doesn't get more classic and sophisticated than a red nail polish.

This lip pencil is ideal for enhancing your lips. It doesn't drag or create feathering, and it's easily blendable for the perfect finish. 

This nude nail polish is practically sophistication in a bottle. 

News flash: opting for an eau de toilette (rather than an eau de parfum) is the best way to afford designer scents on a budget. The difference is that eau de toilettes contain slightly less perfume oil than an eau de parfum (typically 8 to 12% rather than 12 to 18%). This high-quality eau de toilette of Gucci's beloved Bloom fragrance is an eruption of fresh florals that's long-lasting but never overpowering. 

Sheer lipstick is a staple item if you're trying to exude effortless, unbothered cool. Plus, this vintage-inspired lipstick tube is practically an accessory in and of itself. 

Never underestimate the power of a good mascara. This one hugs every lash to lengthen, wears all day without smudging, and never leaves you with clumps. 

This sharp, easy-to-use eyeliner is everything you want from a liquid eyeliner. It's also waterproof, so it will last through whatever you throw at it. 

Nothing is more opulent than a limited-edition Gucci lipstick. Snag it in the iconic Goldie Red for the ultimate power lip. 

I can't resist adding one more nail polish to the list—they're that good. This blush hue is a must. 

It doesn't get more high fashion than swiping on some face gloss. Bring runway beauty to your daily life with this ultra-shiny, versatile gloss. 

Gucci's bronzer is highly lauded in the beauty industry as one of the very best. It's finely milled and has the perfect amount of natural-looking sparkle. 

For the sunburnt glow made popular by Hailey Bieber that everyone's after.