33 Pretty Flat Sandals You Can Wear Day or Night

Pretty flat sandals



I'm a shoe person through and through and have a special place in my heart for all types, but I'll certainly acknowledge that people are more likely to get excited by a pair of pretty heels than a pair of pretty flats. That said, I don't know about you, but my feet would rather be in a pair of flats any day (even if my heart chooses the heels).

I've been doing quite a lot of shoe shopping lately (well, more than usual—I'm kind of always shoe shopping), as I have a wedding to attend soon in L.A. and need fun and festive footwear. My main observation from all of this shoe research is that there are tons of pretty flat sandals out there right now, and they're all appropriate for both day and night. And just for fun, I selected the best ones because summer is upon us, and fancy flats are going to come in handy. Scroll to shop your best bets.

Like something you'd find in a cool vintage shop.

The It sandals everyone (including me) wants.

These would be a great pair to bring on vacation, as they go with everything.

No boring black sandals in this roundup.

I'm obsessed with this color combo.

Someone please buy these beautiful shoes.

For adding a touch of the retro trend to your outfits.

These are basically jewelry for your feet.

Snag these before they sell out.

The perfect little dose of animal print.

I would totally chose outfits around these.

All the trendy summer colors in one shoe.

These would look lovely in the sun or the moonlight.

The kind of sandals you'll end up wearing a ton.