I've Worked in Fashion for 9 Years—These Are the 7 Brands I Always Wear

If I count my time working in fashion from the beginning when I started interning, it’s been nine years now. During my career in the industry, I moved from intern to fashion assistant to communications manager to editor (more on my path to landing my job here)—and along the way, I have learned some important lessons about developing my personal sense of style and the best pieces to wear.

Many of these lessons came in the form of styling tricks. For instance, after working on runway shows at New York Fashion Week, it became clear to me just how important expert tailoring is. Even clothes from a luxury label needed to be altered for models walking the runway to ensure a perfect fit. Then, experimenting with different silhouettes and trends, I learned that not everything works for me. Body shape and proportions are some things I always consider, and I’ve realized that some shapes—like low-rise bottoms—just don’t work for my frame.

But beyond these valuable styling lessons that guide my outfit choices, I’ve also come to realize that I’m very loyal to certain brands. After years of testing and trying tons of pieces and being introduced to countless fashion labels, these are the seven brands I wear again and again. Ahead, I’m breaking them down.


For as long as I can remember, I have always had a deep love for Chanel. It's classic, it's French, and the brand's pieces truly never go out of style. An investment in Chanel is always worth it.

This 2.55 reissue bag is the first Chanel piece I added to my closet, and I've been wearing it for nine years straight.

I debated buying these shoes for years but finally got a pair last year. I wear them more than any other style in my closet and am so happy I sprung for the pleasure.


My weekend uniform always includes dresses from Réalisation. They're the perfect pieces to throw in a suitcase or wear for a dinner out with friends. Where they really shine is with all of the pretty prints.

I love the long sleeves and long hemline on this style. Plus, you really can't beat this amazing green color.

Wrap dresses from Réalisation are something that I always pack in my suitcase.


I fell in love with this top and am thinking about ordering it in the pink version.

What's great about tops from Jacquemus is that they always have unexpected details that make each one feel elevated.

Christian Dior

I have a soft spot for all things French, and that certainly includes Christian Dior. Recently, I've been wearing their throwback logo bags and am so happy they've made a resurgence.

Here I am a Paris Fashion Week last season, with Dior's iconic tote bag.

Dior Book Tote Bag

Pricing available upon request from the brand.

I recently ordered a vintage version of this Dior bag and have been wearing it everywhere.

Pixie Market

Pixie Market is my go-to brand for trend-driven pieces that are also affordable. As you might be able to see here, I particularly love their cute tops.

While Pixie Market doesn't have this exact top, it has a bunch of other cool puffy-sleeve styles.

Yep, I really have a thing for their tops.

Monday Swimwear

I recently tried on Monday Swimwear for the first time, and now I'm hooked. Their swimsuits make me feel confident every time I wear them because they just fit so well.

I'm 100% on board with the leopard swimsuit trend, and Monday has an amazing version.

Clearly, I have a thing for one-pieces and think the thin straps on this style look so elegant.

Ciao Lucia

I can't resist pieces from L.A.-based brand Ciao Lucia, another newer addition to my wardrobe. They're designed for the girl on perpetual vacation and truly make me feel like I could be off somewhere in Italy when I slip them on.

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