I'm an Editor, and I'm Still Copying These Trends From Bloggers

As editors, we’re constantly trying to get ahead of trends and be the first to know about, share, and test-drive them because well, that’s what our jobs call for. However, even we can get beat to the punch sometimes—especially by bloggers. After all, they’re pretty much doing a version of the same thing, so it’s no surprise their Instagrams are some of the first places you’ll often find a budding fad. They’re especially skilled at finding (or even starting) those more under-the-radar ones that just feel cooler than what’s mainstream at the moment. On that note, today I thought I’d share some of the spring- and summer-ready, as well as highly specific, trends I’ve been seeing on some of my favorite influencers lately and can’t help but want to copy. To see what they are and, of course, shop them, simply continue on below.

For more trends I’m loving, look no further than these swimsuits and these out-there shoes.