The Only Fall Trends I Care About—and the Ones I Won't Touch

In a recent meeting among Who What Wear editors, we chatted about some of the most panic-inducing trends from the fall 2018 runways. Some of them, such as neon, made us unanimously cringe, but others, such as long leather gloves, had our team divided. Quick clarification: It’s not that we don’t admire these trends from afar; it’s just that the idea of wearing them in our real, everyday wardrobes seems like a sartorial challenge we’re not ready or willing to tackle.

All of this got me thinking about what I’ll actually be wearing in the season ahead and which pieces I’ll leave behind. Though I have an appreciation for all of the fall trends—even the out-there ones—I won’t be trying all of them out IRL. I can sit back at a runway show or behind the screen of my iPhone clicking through street style shots and acknowledge the genius of some of the daring trends and outfits but, at a certain point, admit that they aren’t something I’m going try for myself. Ahead, I’m breaking down the only fall trends I personally care about wearing (and the ones I won’t touch).

Skipping: Prairie

Wearing: Modern Cowboy

Best fall trends: Western


Getty Images

Isabel Marant F/W 18 runway

I grew up in Arizona, so the culture of Western fashion is deeply ingrained in my DNA. It should come as no surprise, then, that one of the fall trends I'm most excited by is the turn to Americana and the Wild West. I love the sleek new takes on cowboy boots and neutral, earthy tones. Where I draw the line is anything that's too prairie-inspired.

Skipping: Neon

Wearing: '80s

Best fall trends: '80s


Getty Images

Saint Laurent F/W 18 runway

Though many have lived to regret the over-the-top trends from the '80s, I'll be trying some of them out again in the form of puffy sleeves, crystal earrings, and power blazers. One I'll be skipping, though? Neon.

Best fall trends: animal prints


Getty Images

Tom Ford F/W 18 runway

When it comes to bold pieces, I'm very into animal prints in all their forms, including leopard, zebra, and tiger prints. I'm still warming up to iridescent hologram pieces, though.

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Skipping: Ski Masks

Wearing: Faux Croc

Best fall trends: faux crocodile

In my opinion, one of the most elegant trends for fall is anything in crocodile, as seen at The Row. I'm especially gravitating toward accessories like boots and structured bags. On the other hand, an accessory that sounds terrifying to me is the ski mask, which was spotted all over the runways.