The Only Fall Trends I Care About—and the Ones I Won't Touch

In a recent meeting among Who What Wear editors, we chatted about some of the most panic-inducing trends from the fall 2018 runways. Some of them, such as neon, made us unanimously cringe, but others, such as long leather gloves, had our team divided. Quick clarification: It’s not that we don’t admire these trends from afar; it’s just that the idea of wearing them in our real, everyday wardrobes seems like a sartorial challenge we’re not ready or willing to tackle.

All of this got me thinking about what I’ll actually be wearing in the season ahead and which pieces I’ll leave behind. Though I have an appreciation for all of the fall trends—even the out-there ones—I won’t be trying all of them out IRL. I can sit back at a runway show or behind the screen of my iPhone clicking through street style shots and acknowledge the genius of some of the daring trends and outfits but, at a certain point, admit that they aren’t something I’m going try for myself. Ahead, I’m breaking down the only fall trends I personally care about wearing (and the ones I won’t touch).