No Fall Wardrobe Is Complete Without These 5 Shoe Styles

Even though fall is almost a month away, with this summer heat, the last thing we want to think of is anything long-sleeved or layered-up. However, we still can't help but envision how nice our outfits will come together once things chill off, specifically from the feet up.

A big part of our fall style is our shoes, and lucky for us, we can think (and buy) our favorite fall footwear starting now. Boots to sneakers to mules—the options run the gamut. However, we pinpointed the five must-know fall shoe styles that are sure bets for anyone's wardrobe. Keep scrolling to check each one off your fall shopping list. It'll make waiting out this heat much more bearable.

Which ones you'll be stocking up on? 

Opening Image: @chloechill