The Fall Leggings You'll Wear Nonstop in 3 Months

Quick: What comes to mind when you hear the word leggings? Once a go-to athleticwear piece to slip into at the gym or while lounging around the house, the comfortable bottoms have forayed onto the streets and are now being worn everywhere and with everything. (Here is a list of the top five shirts that were made to be worn with the staple.) There are sporty leggings that can be worn to the fitness center and then dressed up with a more refined top for a night out. And then there are more fashion-forward fall leggings that you may not want to wear to the gym, but you'll certainly want to rock them for just about every other autumn activity.

Ahead we found 25 trendy yet super-comfortable leggings, from a classic (and versatile) black option to a super-cool side-striped wool pick that can be styled with a pair of boots or crisp white sneakers. Read on to see and shop the fall leggings you'll wear nonstop in three months—trust us.

Now you're all set no matter what your plans are for fall.