5 Fall Colors Fashion Girls Are Completely Passing On

Updating your fall wardrobe doesn't always have to mean snatching up every new trend in existence. Instead, take only a small step outside of the box and adopt a new color this season instead. If you're someone who wears head-to-toe black come the cooler months, this story might be a bit jarring at first, but you know what they say: Change ain't easy.

Ahead, we have reached out to some of the most stylish women in the industry to find out what each of their color preferences is for the fall season ahead. And by preferences we mean what they prefer and what they don't. It shouldn't come as a surprise, but three of the ladies ahead said they are passing on black clothing this season for more reasons than one. No one expects you to part ways with black entirely, but take this story as a challenge to start incorporating more color into your wardrobe, whether it's something as neutral as beige or as vibrant as bright orange. Between the quotes and the shopping, the hues ahead are ones you won't be able to keep off your radar as you complete your fall 2019 shopping. You'll see.

Ryan Norville, Influencer & Florist

Passing On: Black

"One color you will definitely find very little of in my wardrobe this fall is black. While it's obviously a year-round favorite for many, and it's thought to be a staple for every New Yorker, during the colder months I find it both depressing and just so boring being a part of a sea of black coats and jackets in the streets and on the train."

Wearing: Oat Hues

"Instead, I am excited for some creamy oat hues as well as warm tones like bright orange. Lighter tones like ivory and beige have the same ease of styling and neutrality as black but make for much softer looks. I think they help radiate some of the light we start losing come October and November. Again with bright warm shades like orange and yellow, they are a necessary boost of fun needed when temperatures drop. Fall in New York is deceptively short and mostly feels like winter, so dressing like a seasonal pumpkin or a Flamin' Hot Cheeto makes the inevitable seasonal changes a little easier to deal with."

Anaa Saber, Creative Entrepreneur 

Passing On: Slime Green

"Although everything in me wants to hold on to slime, it's time to finally let it go. This color has been carrying on for a few seasons now, and rightfully so, but it's time for it to retire for the winter."

Wearing: Neutral Blush Tones

"Although it may sound boring, there is something so simple about a nude color palette and the range it offers. Despite what many think, there are so many ways these colors can enhance your features and body type."

Tara Gonzalez, Commerce Editor, Glamour 

Passing On: Bright Yellow

"I love sunshine yellow, but it reminds me too much of summer (RIP), so I think I'll leave it out of my fall wardrobe to avoid being too sad that all the perfect summer sunshine is in my past."

Wearing: Lavendar

"Lavender! I've been obsessed with this particular light shade of purple that's been everywhere since I saw it at the Nanushka presentation last season. Plus The Cut described the color as melodramatic, and since I'm feeling particularly melodramatic now that summer is over, the color just feels right. It's still light and soft like Millennial Pink but not as expected." 

Bianca Valle, Influencer

Passing On: Black

"This fall I am going to try to avoid black! For example, wearing a black turtleneck has always been a classic, but designers have given us heaps of other options so why not experiment and have some fun? I was buying shoes once and almost didn’t get them because they weren’t black and I thought wouldn’t go with anything. Then the gal selling me them said, “Just pretend they are black and wear them with everything." My new mantra was born!"

Wearing: Alternative Neutrals

"There are so many cool dark colors this season like purples, reds, and greens, I want to spice it up with those."

Madeline Fass, Associate Market Editor, Vogue.com

Passing On: Black

"I have never really been one to experiment with browns and creams, but this season I can't get enough. Whether it is a buttery leather jacket, croc-embossed bags, heels, or loafers, I am sold."

Wearing: Brown

"This fall, my inner New Yorker is crying because I am swapping all black for brown."

Nicole Eshaghpour, Market Editor, Who What Wear

Passing On: White

"While white is generally one of my favorite colors to wear, since moving to NYC, I've become much more sensitive to seasonal dressing, and it's starting to feel more and more out of place in my wardrobe post-labor day."

Wearing: Beige

"I won't be giving up my white tees and tanks anytime soon, when it comes to other items, such as sweaters, pants, jackets, and boots, I'll be getting my neutral fix through beige—a trend from last fall that I'm still very much into."

Lauren Fisher, Market Editor, Harpers Bazaar.com

Passing On: Dark Purple

"I'm excited about all of fall's unexpected color trends, but purple is one that I'll probably be sitting out. It can definitely be chic and fun when done right, but ultimately it just reminds me of Barney or the eggplant emoji, and those are two looks that I'm definitely not going for this season. I think it's okay to sit out the color trends that don't feel like you."

Wearing: Bright Orange

"I tend to wear mostly neutrals and black, but I'm really into the bright orange trend that's happening this season. It’s an unexpectedly flattering hue, and when done in a bright dress or chunky knit sweater, it lends a ’70s vibe to your look. Plus, it'll be a good way to combat my seasonal depression when New York gets extra chilly this winter. I'm eyeing this bright Staud dress that's an instant LEWK when paired with knee-high boots and a fun bag." 

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