Mist O'Clock Is My Favorite Time of Day—16 Face Mists That Work, No Gimmicks

Back in the day (“the day” being when we all worked in-person), my friend and former coworker Julie once coined the term “Mist O’Clock” for that afternoon slump when we would turn to our face mists for a little refresh. We would set an alarm, and it helped give us that extra little boost of energy until the end of the workday. In the WFH era, Mist O’Clock is still very much part of my repertoire; so much so that I keep a face mist in every corner of my apartment. 

Best of all, there are face mists for every mood and every skin concern. For instance, many formulas are spiked with hydrating or anti-aging ingredients, and some have added SPF. Or, if you just want a gentle spritz of pure water, you have that option too. Below are 16 of the face mists I recommend for your daily Mist O’Clock.

best face mists



You’ll be hard-pressed to find a beauty editor who doesn’t have a bottle or two of this grape, rose, and rosemary mist in their home. The travel-size bottle is especially useful as a pick-me-up on or after flights, too.

I keep this mist on my living room end table: Witch hazel, cucumber, green tea, and hyaluronic acid are just a few of the skin-soothing ingredients inside.

There’s just something about a spritz of rosewater that feels so fancy and French. This face mist also has coconut water, aloe, and hibiscus extract for extra hydrating benefits.

Makeup setting sprays are a beautiful invention, but they don’t always feel great on the skin. Not so with this alcohol-free formula from Milk, which is so refreshing, you’ll want to reapply it all day long.

best face mists



This coconutty mist is like a vacation in a bottle, but at $8, it costs less than your airport cocktail.

Reapplying sunscreen is a crucial but often forgotten task, and this antioxidant-rich, SPF 30 mist makes it all the more pleasant.

There’s one ingredient in this mist that’s beloved by celebs and skincare experts alike: pure Evian water. Use it anytime you need a refresh sans bells and whistles, or even to dampen your makeup brushes.

Designed for women experiencing hot flashes, this genius mist instantly provides a cooling sensation thanks to mint and green tea. Plus, it’s safe to use on the face and body. 

With ingredients like coconut, cucumber, aloe, and hyaluronic acid, this face mist is a dream for dry skin, even if “vacation” lasts the duration of a few sprays.

best face mists



Bright watermelon may be the star ingredient here, but don’t sleep on the hyaluronic acid and apple cider vinegar, which helps naturally control oil. 

Made with Chanel's proprietary red camellia, this potent mist has anti-aging and hydrating properties that benefit skin when used both under and over makeup. 

In addition to several skincare benefits (lotus extract to protect against pollution, reishi mushroom to hydrate), this mist also leaves skin with a “glass skin” glow.

If dryness is the problem, this mist is the answer. Made with Okinawa red algae, hyaluronic acid, squalane and more, it’s like the spray version of moisturizer. 

best face mists



If the combination of aloe, cucumber, and green tea doesn’t sound invigorating enough, this mist also has peppermint for extra pick-me-up power.

If you like to mist when it’s hot out, take note: This formula is made with cucumber fruit water, cactus extract, and aloe vera to keep skin feeling cool and calm after a day in the sun.

Your skin will love the antioxidant-rich thyme extract and hydrating seaweed, and there’s a soft lily-jasmine fragrance inspired by founder Millie Bobby Brown’s favorite scents.