Yep, Face Shields Are a Thing—Here Are My 13 Favorites

face shields


Jason Whitman/NurPhoto via Getty Images

At this point in the year, it feels as though there's nothing 2020 could throw our way that would surprise us. We've really seen it all. Think about it: just a few months ago we were acclimating to the idea of wearing face masks and figuring out the mask mistakes to avoid but fast-forward to the present-day and wearing them has become send-nature. The same can be said for PPE in general—who would have guessed that items like gloves and hand sanitizer would become daily essentials?

It's only natural that we'd witness an evolution in protective gear and, well, I'm here to report on the latest development: face shields. Yep, it's time to discuss face shields and as your go-to shopping resource, you shouldn't be surprised to see that we're showcasing a number of options to consider should you find yourself in the market for one.

Before you scroll down to see which (surprisingly stylish) face shields I was able to source, I want to note that the CDC advises wearing shields and visors in addition to masks so think of them more as an extra layer of protection. Maybe you're getting ready to board a flight or work in close proximity to others. Whatever the reason, face shields exist and they are most definitely becoming a thing, so continue on to shop my 13 favorites along with my mask and hand sanitizer picks, too.

If you're already a fan of wearing bucket hats, this one's kind of a no-brainer.

I love that this gives you the option of pulling down the face-covering part.

Bonus: this one block out harmful UV rays so wearing it out in the sun serves multiple purposes. Plus, it just looks fun to wear.

There's always the straightforward ones like this. It hasn't been online for that long and already Nordstrom shoppers are leaving reviews noting the overall quality of the shield and how comfortable but durable it is.

Fun fact: Etsy is loaded with good hat-shield hybrids like this.

With this pack, you could wear a different color every day.

The adjustable strap will make this one comfortable to wear.

I had to include the white version here, too, since it's actually pretty cute.

This is one of Amazon's best-selling shields and the built-in glasses look like they'd be a comfortable option especially if you don't want to wear something that goes around the back of your head.

There's plenty of well-reviewed options on Amazon, like this one that has earned over 1,000 positive reviews.

A reminder that the CDC recommends wearing a face mask in addition to any visor or shield.

The plastic covering part conveniently zips on and off of this visor.

While you're at it, shop my favorite face masks and hand sanitizers:

In case you're wondering about the masks celebs are wearing, you're looking at it.

I'm eyeing this for my next mask purchase since the silk material looks so luxe and is nice and gentle on skin.

Unlike most hand sanitizers that leave your hands dry and flaky, this one is hydrating (and sustainably packaged!).

It's never been easier to wear LoveShackFancy's pretty prints.

Another non-toxic hand sanitizer favorite.