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I think we can all agree that 2020 has been one of the strangest years we've seen in a long time. Amid the flurry of emotions, anxieties, and behavioral shifts imposed by the coronavirus and its international footprint, hand sanitizer has become the sleeper-hit product that's harder to come by than the latest and greatest fashion find in Hailey Bieber's closet. Clean bodycare brand Megababe was right on time with its January product launch, Squeaky Clean Hand Sanitizer, which ended up selling out (twice!) due to the demand for effective, fairly priced cleaning products. After weeks of being out of stock, the brand has restocked its sanitizer and even added a new size to make hand sanitizing accessible for more people, and especially those who need it the most right now.

"Our top priority as a company right now is to get our properly disinfecting hand sanitizer into the hands of as many people as possible," says Megababe founder Katie Sturino. "From day one, we’ve focused on clean, effective formulas that work, accompanied by #shelfie-worthy branding. Squeaky Clean was in development long before COVID-19 because as consumers, we experienced a gap in the hand sanitizer marketplace. That’s why we created an FDA-approved hand sanitizer packed with clean, moisturizing ingredients that is as cute as we are!"

As we all scramble to get the necessities for ourselves and our loved ones, Sturino and Megababe are reminding us all to keep community in mind by limiting purchases to two of the larger size and three of the smaller to ensure that everyone can purchase the formula before it sells out.

The sanitizer, which contains over 60% plant-based alcohol content (which aligns with the Center for Disease Control's recommendation) kills 99.9% of germs and is free of synthetic fragrance and toxins such as PEGs, parabens, and phthalates.

"We launched the two-ounce size in January, and the demand has been unprecedented. Most recently, the waiting list grew to over 15,000 people," Sturino told us. "We saw how many people wanted and needed more and worked diligently over the past few weeks to create more. The 16-ounce was in the works, but we moved up the launch date so we could serve more people, and it’s really the perfect size to have on hand at your house, whereas the two-ounce is great for on the go.”

Ahead, check out the restocked and brand-new Squeaky Clean Hand Sanitizer options, as well as our other favorite self-care products from Megababe.

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Megababe)
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