Dark Circles? The Best Eye Creams All Have This Circulation-Boosting Ingredient

Vitamin C is my holy-grail ingredient. Well, at least one of them. What's not love? It treats my hyperpigmentation, stops hormonal breakouts, and protects my skin from free radicals (think environmental aggressors). But until I started researching this story, I hadn't given much thought as to whether or not it was a starring ingredient in my eye cream. (Probably because I often skip eye cream altogether… I know, I know—bad beauty editor behavior.)

But as I enter my late 30s, I've noticed that my crow's-feet could use a little extra TLC, and I was curious if the best vitamin C eye creams could help. Can targeted vitamin C creams yield the same benefits under my eyes as they do for my entire face? Taylor Worden, celebrity facialist and founder of Taylor Worden Skin, says yes. "Vitamin C for the eye area protects against UV damage, and it helps to strengthen blood vessels and helps with blood circulation and brightens dark circles," she explains.


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What's more, vitamin C is also clinically proven to decrease the production of melanin by inhibiting tyrosinase, an enzyme responsible for the production of pigment in the skin. Vitamin C isn't the only strategic ingredient to look for in a best-of-the-best eye cream, though. For delicate areas like the under-eyes, things like caffeine (to decrease puff!) and other hydrating additions—like peptides and hyaluronic acid—should also be in the mix. Keep scrolling to discover our 13 top picks when it comes to the best vitamin C eye creams money can buy.


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The Best Vitamin C Eye Creams

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