The Best Etsy Shops to Find Unique Fashion Pieces


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You know Etsy can be counted on for unique jewelry, homemade soaps, handcrafted cards, and bespoke stationery, but have you ever considered the online shopping rabbit hole as a destination to outfit your wardrobe? Among its millions of items up for sale are some covetable fashion finds—you just have to do some sifting.

Skip the trip to the vintage shop and click through to a treasure trove of fashion pieces from your favorite decades—vintage and upcycled denim, statement jackets and tops straight from the '90s, delicate separates that have French-girl style written all over them, and made-to-order dresses to suit all your summer soirée needs. To streamline your search for the perfect piece your wardrobe's been missing, we've rounded up the six best Etsy shops fashion girls have bookmarked.

Head below to check out the best Etsy shops for all your soon-to-be-favorite fashion finds.


Brooklyn Voyager
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This colorful Etsy shop boasts both men's and women's apparel straight from the '90s. With everything from old-school Batman sweatshirts to windbreakers in geometric and southwestern prints, the store is constantly serving up the freshest throwback finds. 

Vintage '90s Tropical Shirt ($16)


Dive Vintage
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If you're looking for the coolest "new" vintage denim, head over to this Austin-based treasure trove of Levi's in every possible wash. Finish off your new pair with an impossibly cool T-shirt from the '80s or '90s and you'll be convinced you've just found your new one-stop shop. 

Levi's 501 Jeans ($118)


GolubUDP Upcycled Denim Project
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Look no further for unique, remixed denim than this unexpected line created by Ukrainian stylist Yana Golub. She repurposes Levi's and Lee pieces to create one-of-a-kind styles, never repeating any models.

Upcycled Denim Project Jeans ($188)


(Image credit: Shopemmaknudsen)

For beautifully crafted, minimal womenswear, this line designed and made in Canada offers a lovely lineup of feminine tops, flattering dresses, and even culotte jumpsuits. 

Charlie Tank ($69)


Love Signs Vintage
(Image credit: Love Signs Vintage)

This vintage collection epitomizes French-girl style. From delicate satin camis to knit cardigans from the '90s, the curated offering is bound to have that perfect piece you've been missing to pair with your vintage jeans.

'90s Satin Damask Cami ($24)


(Image credit: Beriqisu)

Made-to-order dresses are certainly not commonplace nowadays but this Brooklyn-based brand offers exactly that. In addition to beautifully crafted custom orders, you can shop shift silhouettes, maxi dresses, and gingham styles that are perfectly suited for the season.

Nana Shift Dress ($225)

What else is on Etsy? The sunglasses we're buying in every color for summer.

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