Shopping on Etsy for Dummies: Every Hack to Know

Etsy is every craft market fanatic’s and vintage lover’s shopping mecca. A platform filled with vintage gems, handmade goods, and affordable finds? What’s not to love? Understandably, Etsy can be a bit overwhelming. With shops sourced globally and millions of items to choose from, it can be easy to shy away. Just as with anything (learning to swim, riding a bike, etc.), it takes time and a few tries to become a natural at navigating the depths of Etsy, and—you guessed it—I’m here to be your official guide.

Similar to any flee market you’ve visited IRL, it’s important to have the patience to sift through items while keeping in mind the specific pieces you’re searching for. Luckily, with Etsy, you’re able to shop from the comfort of your own home and utilize a search bar, which is a total game changer. Whether you’ve never attempted to shop on Etsy or are honestly confused where to even start, you’re in luck! I, a self-proclaimed Etsy guru, have come up with some tips for you to follow so that you too can become an Etsy expert. Hopefully, after reading through the below insights, you’ll be able to shop the world of Etsy with a confidence and ease you never knew you could feel.