The Best Etsy Jewelry Stores for Unique Finds

If you are a lover of jewels, gems, and the like, you absolutely need to know about our picks for the best Etsy jewelry stores. Criteria for this site-wide search included many things. First was a wide selection and curation of strong pieces, not just a few standouts—the type of store where choosing just one item will be a challenge. Second, we looked for imagery that was eye-catching and forward. Because after all, a picture does say a thousand words. Lastly, in order to be the "best Etsy jewelry store," it needed to have unique pieces that you don't come across every day. 

Out of the thousands of jewelry sellers on Etsy, there were five stores that completely won our hearts. Whether you are on the hunt for a vintage-inspired engagement ring or simple minimalistic pieces, you better believe that you'll find exactly what you're looking for right here. 

Keep reading to discover the absolute best Etsy jewelry stores!