The Best Denim Jackets (According to Our Editors)

Best denim jackets


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On lists of basics everyone should own, one piece is often overlooked: the denim jacket. Maybe it's because it plays second fiddle to its partner in the Canadian tuxedo. Or perhaps it's due to workplace dress codes that frown upon anything that could be considered jean-like. But it's time to make sure you have this versatile piece in your closet.

So we're rounding up the best of the best just for you. Since the team at Who What Wear spends lots of time shopping (both on and off the clock), we're taking a moment to recognize our favorite jean jackets out there. From simple and cropped to fleece-lined (for cold weather), these denim jackets are worth eyeing for a spot in your weekly rotation.

Best Denim Jackets

"The denim jacket I've worn the most, by far, is an old Gap denim jacket that I think I've owned since college (at least). After all these years, it's still in great shape but so perfectly worn-in it will take a very special piece to replace it (if that ever happens). Since I bought mine so long ago, I can't find the exact style on the site, but this one comes close."

Best Denim Jackets

"I'm really into cropped denim jackets right now. Who knew we could keep reinventing a simple denim jacket?"

Best Denim Jackets

"It's not every day you come across a great crop like this. It also has unique statement sleeves, which makes for a cool silhouette."

Best Denim Jackets

"I found a vintage version of this jacket at Goodwill back when I was in college, and truth be told, I still wear it all the time. While it's not the most polished piece I own, I love that it keeps me cozy while adding a relaxed twist when layered over a summery dress."

Best Denim Jackets

"I'm so obsessed with my Levi's trucker jacket I wrote an entire story about it. I love that it's 100% cotton (so it has a vintage feel) and is just oversize enough to be able to layer a sweater underneath."

Best Denim Jackets

"I love this denim jacket from Reformation. It's easy to wear with everything from dresses to jeans. This oversized fit also adds a fun silhouette to any look."

Best Denim Jackets

"I own a couple of jean jackets, but the one I pretty much live in is a medium-wash one from Mother with a sherpa collar. I bought it in a medium because the small was sold out, but now I love the oversize fit. It's my go-to most days. (It provides the perfect amount of warmth fall through spring in L.A.) I wish I were bold enough to pull off denim-on-denim so I could wear it when I'm already wearing blue jeans. My Mother jacket style is sold out, but this variation is similar."

Best Denim Jackets

"I bought an authentic vintage Levi's jacket years ago, and it's still the one I always reach for because of its true-blue wash and boxier fit. This trucker jacket may be a modern version, but it comes surprisingly close to my own beloved denim jacket."

Best Denim Jackets

"Lately I've been really into denim jackets with an oversize fit. This one from Madewell has a relaxed fit and is so versatile."

Now scroll down and pick the denim jacket that's right for you.

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