This Is How Fashion Girls Will Be Wearing Denim in 2023, Period


These days, it seems like denim washes, fits, and rises cycle through periods of popularity every week rather than a decade. (Remember actual trend cycles? Me neither.) Because of that, reporting on such changes in the jeans space can, at times, feel repetitive. I'm not going to do that. Instead, I've chosen to focus my time and energy on the ways that chic people are wearing their jeans as opposed to the types of jeans they're wearing. And in 2023, there's one particular styling method that's taking the fashion world by storm.

Canadian tuxedos aren't exactly new, but then again, what is? Like everything else in fashion, the trend of wearing denim with denim has a tendency to return to the sartorial zeitgeist every few years, always with a fresh, modern look that makes us remember why we loved it so much the last time it was cool. And by the looks of my Instagram feed, 2023 is gearing up to be the latest year afflicted. Ahead, see how fashion girls are doubling up on denim in the early stages of the new year. 


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For a paired-down take on the Canadian tuxedo, wear the top half of the denim look open with a tee underneath and then layer a contrasting piece of outerwear on top. That way, it looks less matchy-matchy. 

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From Givenchy to Mango, rhinestone-encrusted denim is everywhere right now. And what better way to show it off than by wearing it from head to toe? 

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If you want to take the Canadian-tuxedo trend even further, follow Elsa Hosk's lead by topping the double-denim look off with denim boots and a denim-colored handbag. 

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If you're ever stumped on what to wear, just grab a simple denim or chambray button-down shirt and some matching (or close to matching—a slight discrepancy in wash is NBD) jeans. No matter the shoes or accessories you choose, the combo will look good.

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Personally, I love to mix and match washes when it comes to a Canadian tuxedo. It breaks up the look and allows for a ton of different options for tackling the trend. 

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For everyone who likes the idea of a Canadian tuxedo but doesn't care for the style of traditional jean jackets, you've come to the right place. Switch things up by opting for a moto-style take on outerwear like the one from Isabel Marant below. 

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Every now and then, it can be fun to drape yourself in logos and really go for it. If the time for that is now, let this look be your styling guide. 

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Canadian tuxedos can sometimes feel like a big deal to wear, even though separately, denim jackets and jeans are two of the most casual items in our wardrobes. Don't be afraid to keep the outfit super chill with easy clogs and a white tee.

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For a super-elevated take on the trend, opt for mid to darker washes and pair them with classic accessories, like black boots and sunglasses.

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This look, more than any of the above, makes me want to run to my closet, bring out my denim offerings, and debut my first Canadian tuxedo of 2023. Specifically, I love the idea of styling a collared shirt underneath with the collar worn above the denim jacket's collar. 

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Find the darkest wash you can find and buy it. When your accountant asks why, send them this outfit. 

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