My Nails Are Now Immune to Dryness Thanks to This $13 Amazon Product

As a person who is prone to dryness all over, I take my moisturizing very seriously. That means applying body lotion after showering and slathering my face in moisturizer, face oils, and serums religiously. But I realized a few months ago that I was neglecting something in my routine—my hands! After what seemed like nonstop eczema flare-ups and a constant feeling of scaliness, I decided to get my hands in check.

That meant stocking up on some good hand cream and treating myself to cuticle oil. I never gave much thought to cuticle oils before, but now I'm realizing how helpful they can be in keeping my nails healthy and strong.



Benefits of Using a Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oils normally consist of vegetable, fruit, or plant oils. And sometimes they're packed with vitamins, like E or A, or other nourishing ingredients like aloe and keratin. They're designed to moisturize and strengthen the nails, and some of them even encourage growth.

The cuticles can get dried out after excessive hand-washing, sun exposure, if you're doing a lot of work with your hands, and more. So, it's important to give them some TLC from time to time. And all you need to apply is a drop on each nail and massage it in. The product can help preserve your nail color, too.

Take a look at some cuticle oils to shop below.

Best Cuticle Oils

This is my favorite cuticle oil because it works so fast to hydrate the nails, and after a week of use, I felt that my nails looked and felt stronger and healthier. It's formulated with milk to soothe the skin and honey to hydrate.

This product has ingredients that do it all: Argan and pomegranate oils hydrate; rosemary and rose geranium essential oils stimulate nail growth; and hemp and tamanu oil act as anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory treatments.

Rehydrate and revitalize your nails with Essie's cuticle oil. It's recommended to massage these into the nails and cuticles two times a day to see the best results.

Sally Hansen's oil contains a blend of wheat germ, apricot kernel, and safflower oils, plus aloe and panthenol. All of these ingredients work together to strengthen and condition the anils and cuticles, and prevent any further breakage.

You don't have to worry about greasy hands after applying this cuticle oil since it absorbs quickly.

Not only does this oil moisturize and strengthen the nails and cuticles, but it also has anti-aging benefits.

NCLA's cuticle oil is infused with safflower seed oil and vitamin E. It also comes in a variety of scents like peach vanilla, watermelon, and rose petals.

The cool thing about this formula is it comes in a rollerball pen so it's easy to apply with precision. Ingredients include rose flower oil, vitamin E, horsetail extract (to strengthen brittle fingernails), and a blend of jojoba, argan, pomegranate, sweet almond, and hemp seed oils.

Adding a couple of drops of this oil to your nails will protect them from breakage and dryness. The formula also leaves the nails looking shiny.

L'Occitane's formula contains 30% shea oil, which means your nails and cuticles are going to be super moisturized and conditioned.

Jinsoon's cuticle oil is designed to prevent any hang nails and other damage. It contains 20 natural ingredients to strengthen the nails and keep them hydrated.

CND's conditioning treatment is able to penetrate the nails and cuticles deeply so it can work faster and more effectively.

Infused with almond oil extract and vitamins B5 and E, this product will transform dry, cracked skin and nails.

Argan oil—which Orly's cuticle oil contains—is rich in vitamin E and is known to support skin health and reduce inflammation.

It's easy to take this product on the go with you—the oil comes in a pen. Ingredients include neem leaf extract (which strengthens keratin and prevents nail breakage), apricot kernel oil (which moisturizes), and chamomile and anthyllis extracts (to soften cuticles).

Use this non-greasy, fast-absorbing oil to soften dry and cracked cuticles. All of that conditioning helps to prevent hangnails and nail infections. It's enriched with keratin, almond oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E.

If you're dealing with weak, thin, splitting, or peeling nails, you can reverse the damage with Ella+Mila's cuticle oil. It's 17-free and contains safflower oil, which is full of nourishing vitamin E.

Sally Hansen's unique cuticle oil comes in a solid balm form, so it's easy to apply and tote around with you. It's infused with aloe, safflower oil, and vitamin E oil.

Other Nourishing Hand and Nail Products to Try

This ultra-rich hand cream is a must if your hands are severely dry and cracked. When applied, it creates a protective layer that moisturizes and prevents any dryness.

This four-step system can help your nails get back on track. It includes a nail and cuticle treatment, nail strengthener, nail thickener, and a ridge filler.

This salve is great if you're working with your hands a lot—it repairs and protects against dryness, while also encouraging the skin to absorb water from the air. It contains botanical oils and natural wax.

Deborah Lippmann's cuticle remover helps get rid of dead and dry skin around the cuticle area. It's gentle and won't damage the nails.

Use this hand treatment overnight and let it do its thing while you sleep so you can wake up to softer skin. Ingredients include shea butter for deep hydration; pomegranate to calm the skin; and fruit extracts to regenerate skin cells.