Every Cute Pajama Set I Want on My Body

I tend to pick and choose the pieces I invest in, but cute pajamas are definitely one of them. I love slipping into pj’s when I get home at the end of a long day and always want them to be a pair that is worthy of a selfie when wearing a sheet mask—because let’s be honest, that happens pretty frequently.

From striped silk pajamas to pretty lace-trimmed styles, I’ve added a number of sets to my collection over the years, but right now, I have my sights set on some new styles to wear this summer. And with designers who specialize in chic pajamas, like Morgan Lane and Sleepy Jones, it’s pretty hard to narrow down which ones I’ll be ordering. Olivia von Halle even designs elegant styles that are inspired by the lounging sets Coco Chanel wore in the 1920s, which sound destined for my closet. Ahead shop the cute pajamas that I have my eye on right now.

As you might be able to tell, I’m all about upgrading my sleepwear game.

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