Your Under-Eye Concealer Will Look Invisible as Long as You Use *This*

Best Concealer Brushes



Take it from someone who had to learn the hard way: The right set of brushes can totally change how your makeup looks for the better. I'm not sure what I was doing before I invested in a good set of foundation and concealer brushes, but I will say that since I've been using them, my makeup looks smoother, more natural, and takes far less time to apply. I know that sounds like a train you want to hop on, so you're going to want to pay attention.

How to Apply Under-Eye Concealer With a Brush

Concealer, in particular, can be tricky to apply without going overboard, right? Using a good brush can change all that—especially if you're applying it in the under-eye area. Makeup artists have a few tips for us in this regard. Editorial makeup artist Sara Talias says, "The trick to applying concealer with a brush is to use a very small amount of concealer and start on the inner corner of the eye where there is typically the most darkness, applying the product in a stamping motion," she says. "Working the concealer into the skin in this way ensures you get maximum coverage with the least amount of product. Too much concealer under the eye will crease and actually accentuate dry skin." 

Celebrity makeup artist Allison Kaye also has another key tip to ensure flawless application. "When applying concealer with a brush, don't swipe the product back and forth, as it will cause it to disappear. Pat the product on with the brush!" Whether you're looking to conceal dark spots, blemishes, or under-eye circles, find the best concealer brushes for each below.

Best Concealer Brushes



Pros: Half-moon shape hugs the contours of the face, ultra-soft bristles.

Cons: Not the most budget-friendly brush.

"One of my favorite concealer brushes is the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Concealer Brush. The super-soft bristles effortlessly blend concealer and help to diffuse product on any skin type, especially dry skin." — Talias

Customer Review: "This is the softest makeup brush ever! Feels so good tapping your concealer on under your eyes. Firm enough to get the job done, too. Soooo luxurious! Bought a second for my purse."

Pros: Affordable, rounded bristles help blend concealer seamlessly.

Cons: Brush hairs fall out easily.

"The Real Techniques Brightening Concealer Brush is such a great brush and very affordable. The flat top of the brush is perfect for blending concealer under the eye and detailing the outer corner of the eyes." — Talias

Customer Review: "I used to use sponges to blend my concealer because I couldn't really find a brush for me that wouldn't leave streaks. For the price, it definitely does the job well and is now my go to for concealer! Has soft bristles and blends concealer nicely on my skin without pulling foundation."

Pros: Dual-ended brush is designed for all areas of the face, densely-packed bristles.

Cons: Caps fall off easily.

"My favorite concealer brush is from It Cosmetics! They have a dual-ended concealer brush, so one side is flat (best for applying) and the other side is fluffy and rounded (best for blending)." — Kaye

Customer Review: "This is actually an amazing brush. It buffs out so perfectly, better than a beauty sponge. Just don't expect those caps to work! That seems to be a major drawback for some reviewers, but I think the brush itself is a must-have."

Pros: Affordable, rounded brush shape allows you to contour and cover areas easily.

Cons: Bristles might be too stiff for some.

As far as drugstore options go, I'd say E.l.f. Cosmetics' concealer brush is one of the best. The synthetic bristles are light and fluffy, so the brush can easily blend both liquid and powder formulas. 

Customer Review: "I cannot sing the praises of this brush enough. I am a MAC NC30-37 and C3-C5, for reference. I have dark, purple-bluish brown under-eye circles. They aren't sunken-in or puffy, just very dark. I use this brush with a high-coverage salmon concealer in a stippling motion all over my circles and then use a high-coverage skin-toned concealer to blend the salmon out a bit. I used this technique for 10+ years, and when I first tried this brush, I was amazed at the coverage and finish that the brush provided."

Pros: All-in-one brush designed for various areas of the face provides an airbrushed effect to the skin.

Cons: Not as affordable.

The five-star ratings speak for themselves on this one. This Nars brush works well with any cream concealer to cover blemishes, dark spots, and under-eye circles.

Customer Review: "Holy! Why didn't I purchase this sooner? I'm usually not one to purchase brushes (I'm not that great at makeup), but this is amazing. Works so well with the complete concealer. I have aging skin, and this doesn't pull the skin under my eyes, and there is no creasing. Miracle brush!!"

Best Concealer Brushes



Pros: Affordable, exclusive thermoplastic polymer brush complex that mimics natural hair.

Cons: Can be a little too thick for other areas of the face.

Yes, you read that right. This drugstore concealer brush from Wet n Wild is only $1 and has an almost-perfect five-star rating on Amazon. It's made specifically for use in the under-eye area and under the brow.

Customer Review: "I don't really like wasting a lot of money on makeup tools, and these brushes are amazing. They are cheap, soft, and blend eye shadow very well." 

Pros: Uniquely-sculpted bristles and pointed tip for extra precision, vegan bristles.

Cons: Collects build-up easily.

Both Rare Beauty's foundation and concealer are some of my favorites on the market. The brand's concealer brush always gets the job done too. I particularly love the pointed tip because it provides extra precision for when you're trying to spot-conceal a few dark spots or active acne bumps.

Customer Review: "The best brush for blending concealer! I'm obsessed."

Pros: Affordable, small, deeply-angled brush head for more precision, can be used for baking under the eye area.

Cons: Might be too large to use for spot concealing.

Never underestimate a good Amazon find. This $7 brush offers an angled flat-top design. It's also smaller, allowing it to get into harder-to-reach areas like the inner corners of the eyes.

Customer Review: "Super soft. I bought the mini to try first. I use it to apply primer/base to my hooded eyes. It blends products so smoothly and is ultra soft. It's easy to clean and has a slightly textured handle for grip. I'm about to purchase the medium! Very happy with this product."

Pros: Soft, synthetic bristles, flat-topped for a natural finish

Cons: The cap can be hard to get off.

Brushes with completely flat tops work well for covering blemishes if you use them to gently pat concealer onto the skin.

Customer Review: "It's super soft and blends my makeup amazingly. I love the packaging, the cap is easy to open, and I think the people saying otherwise didn't know how to open it correctly. Also, I keep it in the cap to prevent bacteria from all the other makeup in my bag. Plus, the price is so good."

Pros: Uniquely tapered brush designed to mimic fingertip application, provides smooth and natural coverage.

Cons: Strong plastic smell on the handle.

Sephora's brush is designed to be used in multiple ways for a custom application. It's ideal for blending concealer (and foundation!) around the natural contours of the eyes, nose, lips, and brows.

Customer Review: "Love this concealer brush!! Works so well under and around my eyes, as well as my nose. Perfect design!"

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