We Can't Live Without These Comfortable Heels


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While it may seem like fashion editors care more about how shoes look than how they feel and how feasible they are to walk in them all day, take it from us that it's a myth—we care about comfort just as much as style. And although we may sometimes wish that we could get away with wearing flats every single day, we frequently find ourselves reaching for heels, and more often than not, it's our most comfortable heels that we're reaching for.

As you can see below, we Who What Wear editors are pretty much on the same page when it comes to what makes heels comfortable. Almost every one of our picks is a block-heel mule style, and all are 3.25 inches or shorter. The following eight pairs of shoes have saved our feet on many a long day and night. They're so good that we'd even buy them in multiples for fear that they'd one day wear out from being worn so much. Need some new stylish, walkable shoes of your own?

Shop the comfortable heels Who What Wear editors swear by below!

"When I want the comfort of flats but the wow factor of sky-high heels, I opt for something objectively statement-making, like these pearl-adorned Tory Burch block-heel sandals. I get so many compliments on this particular pair of shoes, and the best part is they are only just shy of a couple inches off the ground." — Lauren Eggertsen

"I find any type of open-toe mule situation to be most comfortable, especially if you find something with block heels like these beauties. They provide just enough height and look great with just about any outfit." — Michelle Scanga

"These feel like you're walking on clouds. Granted it's only a 2.2-inch heel, but it's more comfortable than a lot of flats I own! The navy feels like a sophisticated color to balance the feminine frill." — Kat Collings

"These mules have a cushioned insole, and the strap is lined with the softest leather. As proof, I haven't even broken them in yet but walked at least a mile in them the other day without blinking an eye." — Allyson Payer

"I have a few shoes with this kind of mid-height block heel. It's a silhouette I swear by when it comes to comfort because it's sturdy and doesn't put your foot at too high of a pitch. In other words, 12 hours of wear, minimal complaints. This woven version by LOQ is the latest pair I've been eyeing." — Gina Marinelli

"Besides the fact that they have a relatively lower heel, these Jimmy Choo heels have an ankle strap, which makes walking easier, and the thickness of the strap itself keeps it from digging in, which always helps. I can easily wear them at work all day then straight to a nighttime event with no need to change!" — Nicole Akhtarzad

"These block heels give you a little height and are comfortable enough to wear all day." — Kristen Nichols

"I can't express enough how much I love mules. A low heel plus no back to rub and give me blisters makes for a winning combination. These sandals from Loeffler Randall are a current favorite because the pop of color looks great paired with blue jeans and a tee." — Aemilia Madden

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