About 90% of My Closet Costs $250 or Less, This Is What I'm Adding to It RN



Like everyone else right now I've done enough online window shopping this week to last a lifetime. Lately, I've been spending way too much time on my phone, which means way too much time on Instagram, which also means way too much time spent oohing and aahing over some of my favorite fashion girl outfits. And some of the pieces I've noticed consistently popping up on my feed? Leather pants, minimalist tanks, and preppy lightweight knits. I love how effortless it is to style all of those pieces, so yes, my current shopping list features a ton of them. 

I'm not shy about splurging on a designer bag or coat I consider worth the investment, but for the most part, I like to shop on the cheap. With that in mind, the bulk of the items I've been eyeing are all reasonably priced at $250 and under. And contrary to what you might think, yup, it's absolutely possible to look like a bonafide fashion girl without spending your entire rent check. From sleek everyday sneakers to elevated spring dresses read ahead to see all of the affordable finds currently filling up my bookmarks tab.

I stock up on simple, flattering white tanks like these for the warmer seasons. 

I'm really into the high-waist, cropped cut. I'm already envisioning an outfit pairing these with the white tank above.

The addition of yellow lenses is unexpected yet cool.

These sort of hand-drawn florals are peak quirky Brooklyn girl style and I'm not mad.

Really– what outfit won't these look amazing with?

I'm the queen of wide-leg jeans.

As simple as it looks, a silky-satin shirt really makes everything look way more expensive. This cornflower blue is superbly dreamy.

When I need a tank that's a little more heavy-weight. 

I wouldn't call my style preppy, but collared button-down tops like these have been calling my name.

Just throw this on and your outfit is basically sorted.

Missoma has great quality jewelry for less than you'd expect.

Yup, I'm adding more to my sweatpants collection. 

I've been looking for sleek all-black running shoes for a minute, and runners I know love Hoka One. They're chic enough I won't mind wearing them outside of my weekly jogs. 

Trench season is on the horizon.

After scrolling Nordstrom's new arrivals this dress immediately caught my attention; I'm so ready for it to be warm again.

Everyone on my Instagram feed seems to be into CUUP's Balconette Mesh bra so I'm eager to see what the hype is all about.

This avocado-y shade of green is so pretty.

Before you scroll past, hear me out: soft clogs feel like walking on air and if you have to buy a pair they might as well be from Adidas.

I'm a faithful adherent of bucket hats for bad hair days. 

These cargo pants are so damn cool. Add a simple link chain, and a white racerback tank and you've nailed the fashion girl aesthetic. 

Never thought I'd describe sneakers as cozy, but it's truly the most fitting word for these quilted platform Chucks.

The midriff cut-out is different than the ones I've been seeing, and I love how simplistic it is.

Hosbjerg's latest collection continues to thrill me–I mean, these pants?!

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For my leather jackets, I like to go the genuine leather route: I find that they last longer and can take a beating without looking dingy. This is one of the most affordable ones I've spotted all season.

Something about rattan just screams spring.

I'm thoroughly looking forward to stacking this atop all of my gold chains. 

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