This Summer Micro-Trend Is Already Dominating 2021

I’m always on the trend watch but recently one is too prominent to ignore. Part of the overall rise in “naked” pieces, bare midriff outfits are popping up everywhere. While I expected them to really hit once we were well into summer, midriff-baring outfits have already arrived. Not only do I expect to see them stay, but also gain even more traction as we get further into 2021.

Bare midriff outfits were everywhere on the S/S 21 runways, with notable looks from brands including Jacquemus and Versace, who paired cutout skirts with extreme crop tops. Moving into the F/W 21 collections, we’re also seeing the outfit formula pop up from designers like Fendi, which means it’s guaranteed to stick around. But how are fashion people wearing the crop top looks right now? Let’s dive in with the most stylish ways to wear them right now. Outfit inspiration ahead.

With Belly Chains

While I was hesitant at first, I can't say enough good things about the belly chain trend. It's no surprise that it pairs very nicely with midriff-baring crop tops.



A cropped tee with a belly chain and jeans might be my new go-to outfit formula.



With Sleek Black Pants

Is there anything that doesn't look great with a pair of sleek black pants? In my opinion, not really—but midriff-baring crop tops are just another key piece to add to the list.



NYC brand Mirror Palais has one of the most coveted crop tops around.

If you're interested in a chic way to wear leggings, look no further.

With Baggy Jeans

My obsession with baggy pants can't get stopped and these outfits are giving me yet another reason to wear them even more.



I love the addition of a blazer and belt here to tie the look together.



This is practically this same outfit formula that Hailey Bieber wore above and I don't see a reason to change a single thing.

With Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are the basic missing from my closet, but I'm hoping to remedy that very soon. The good news is I have plenty of cool ideas for styling them once I add one to my wardrobe.



I have a strong feeling that this exact outfit formula will be everywhere this year.

Just stunning. How can you go wrong with a beautiful crop top and maxi skirt?

With Slouchy Trousers

If there's one piece I'm telling everyone to buy, it's slouchy trousers. Versatile, chic, and comfortable, there are a million ways to wear them.

This outfit is simply perfection. Don't tell me anything else.



Yep, another chic way to style cozy sweaters and I'm very in.