In Case You Like Compliments, These 43 Amazon Pieces Will Get You So Many

A few weeks ago, a random woman stopped me on the street to tell me how much she loved my shoes and that I had great style. (Her words—not mine!) I giggled and thanked her; then walked away feeling great and spent the rest of the day reminding my husband that he's with someone who has great style. It’s silly—I know—but it got me thinking about how my clothes impact my mood and how I carry myself. Surely if I’m wearing two-day-old sweats and a baggy T-shirt (basically my uniform for the last year), I’m not going to feel as confident about myself as I would if I were wearing an outfit I truly love. I’m certain others can see it, too.

Suddenly my usual before-bed thoughts of wondering if my friend who hadn't texted me back was mad at me were replaced by thoughts about my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. There are my faux-leather cropped pants I’d wear every single day if people wouldn’t find that weird. That plaid shacket that makes any outfit look cooler. My cashmere knit polo that makes me seem as though I have my shit together. And so many more! They are all versatile, layer well, usually hit on some current trend, and a lot of the time (but not always), have affordable price tags. I guess you could say I’m living proof that you don’t need a lot of money to put together stylish outfits that make you feel on top of the world. With that, I present you the 43 best Amazon pieces I could find that’ll have you raking in compliments left and right.

Jackets and Coats

Blazers make every outfit feel more bougie, and this sage suede one is no exception. 

It's not cold enough to wear a full-on coat but not hot enough to leave the house without anything, this shacket is the answer.

You can never own too many denim jackets, especially when they're oversize like this. 

This puffer jacket has me wishing I lived somewhere cold. Or maybe just somewhere colder than L.A. 

Okay, I swear this is the last shacket. I had to include it because it's corduroy, and I just can't ignore a good corduroy piece.

Sweaters and Tops

A V-neck sweater is a staple in any fashion person's closet. 

How cute is this? I can see it paired perfectly with baggy jeans and some sneakers. 

Make sure to scoop this up in multiple colors. It's a keeper.

We all need more crochet pieces in our lives. 

From the high neck to the cinched sleeves, this top is equal parts pretty and romantic. 

Polo tops and sweaters are having a moment right now, and this one will look great styled with an oversize blazer and jeans. 

This might look like a basic sweatshirt, but the arm ties just hit different. 

If you were to own one white button-down, make it this. 


I know a lot of the pieces in here feel more wintery, but this dress has me completely ready for spring. The color! And print! 

Sleek, sporty, and comfy—can you ask for anything more in a dress?

The fact that this is under $110 is mind-boggling to me. It's giving me major Bridgerton vibes. 

I'm currently wearing a lilac sweatshirt and hope to wear this lilac dress very soon. It's the perfect frock to welcome in spring.


I live in my faux-leather pants, but I think it's time to upgrade to a white pair for spring. 

I personally feel that high-waist and cropped pants are the most flattering. 

For when you don't want to feel bad about wearing lounge pants.

This is the perfect weekend outfit if you ask me: casual trousers, cozy sweatshirt, and cool sneakers. 

These are my go-tos when I want to feel a smidge more pulled together. They're still comfy AF, though. 

I would wear these with a second-skin to and one of the many shackets listed above.

The type of bottoms that work well for yoga and errands. 

I dare you to style these with a tight top, an oversize blazer, and sneakers—you'll never go back!

Shoes and Accessories 

The perfect everyday purse if you ask me. 

I'd 100% wear these with some white socks and vintage jeans. 

Love this fun take on hoop earrings—they're great for layering.

The sneaker that fashion people go crazy for. I'm telling you: Get yourself a pair before they're gone! 

Mixing metals used to be frowned upon, but now it's what the fashion set is doing. 

Mary Janes and chunky soles? What did we do to deserve these? 

Worn on its own or stacked with others, this chunky gold bracelet will take your style places. 

I'll be living in these in no time. 

… But in the meantime, I'll just enjoy these. 

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