Sales for This $3 Bra Just Increased by 5300% on Amazon

You probably already got the memo that Amazon shoppers love buying undergarments from the mega e-tailer, which comes as no surprise to us. The vast inventory and low prices are tough to beat. While perusing the site's Movers & Shakers page today, where Amazon displays its biggest gainers in sales rankings over the past 24 hours, we couldn't help but notice that the page, which is divided into categories and updated hourly, listed a $3 strapless bra which looked very familiar—the adhesive lace-up, push-up-style strapless bra has been trending on Instagram as of late.

We can't speak to the effectiveness of the reusable bra, originally introduced to the world by Sneaky Vaunt, but we can report that similar styles are currently all over Amazon, and shoppers are clearly convinced. With sales for this particular $3 version of this bra (the beige color) currently listed as having increased by over 5000% in the past 24 hours, plenty of shoppers are clearly willing to risk the mere $3 to give the viral backless and strapless bra a try (and so far it has only glowing reviews).

Shop it for yourself below, along with more strapless bras from Amazon!