I Just Found These 20 Vintage Chanel Items, and Trust Me—You'll Want to See Them

There a lot of things people do in their free time that are probably more productive and useful than what I often do, which is scroll through resale sites and scour through vintage designer items. I've only bought something twice from these deep dives, but honestly, it's just the fun in the search that keeps me going. I also like to imagine a woman out there who has this item in her cart whom I vicariously live through. When I have splurged on a designer item in the past, it's always been a vintage item. Personally, I think you're able to find more unique items that can be more catered towards your personal style. 

We've done a lot of shopping guides on vintage designer items, but after watching the latest Chanel runway show, I was inspired to go through resale sites and find picks from the legendary brand. From silk scarves to pearl detailed leather mules, I'll be dreaming of the finds below. 

If I were to splurge on a Chanel bag, I seriously think my first choice will be a backpack.

An accessory you'll keep forever.

The perfect casual shoes.

Imagine wearing these on your next night out.

The little pearl detail makes it.

Wear it as a headscarf, around your neck, on your bag—the options are endless.

This wallet will never go out of style, period.

I'm not sure if I'd ever drop $4000 on a sweatshirt, but I'll admire this from afar.

Come fall, these will be the perfect staple boots.

This would look perfect with jeans or layered over a swimsuit.

If you're not for neutrals, this is the wallet for you.

Leather jackets will always be relevant, and that's a fact.

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