From Tracee to Rosie, the Best Celebrity Outfit Posts of the Year (So Far)

When it comes to the world of Instagram, I have to tell you that not all celebrity accounts are created equal. Some use the platform to promote various projects, some like to share a glimpse into their personal lives, some barely post at all, and—here comes my favorite—some use the space to share what we all really want to see: their everyday outfits. Among this set is a range of It girls from models to actresses who, luckily, enjoy gracing us with their on- and-off-duty looks; and they rarely disappoint.

In case you were curious who I would suggest following for regular fashion updates as well as interested in seeing some of my favorite posts of the year (so far), I figured I’d round them up for you today. From Tracee Ellis Ross to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and more, just keep scrolling to see and shop the looks that made the cut.

If you think I'm taking notes on Tracee Ellis Ross's green dress and snake boots, you're absolutely right.

Sometimes, all it takes to do the trick is a blazer and a pair of Amina Muaddis.

I'm glad someone figured out how to transition tie-dye for colder weather.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

It was actually impossible to choose a favorite among Rosie's many outfit shots, so consider this one of many top looks.

I think we have Fenty to thank for Rihanna's recent uptick in outfit posts, and I'm not mad at it.

You can always count on Palermo for classic outfit ideas that don't disappoint.

Let Kendall be your wedding guest inspo for the rest of the year.

You know what I love? Elsa Hosk's affinity for posting her perfect model-off-duty outfits on Instagram.

Fun fact: Not only does Mindy Kaling regularly post her outfits on Instagram, but they also almost always come with credits of where everything is from plus a side of funny commentary.

Even Dua Lipa's family photos are inspirational.

One time I saw Barbie Ferreira wear a cow-print outfit and platform boots, so I went and bought a cow-print outfit and platform boots.

Step 1: Emulate this outfit. Step 2: Find a mirror this cool to take a selfie in.

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