I Finally Found the Perfect Bra (and It's Only $32)

Full disclaimer: I have a moderately small bust, and ideally I'd forgo a bra as often as possible. When women joke about the best part of their day being the moment they take off an item of clothing, yeah, there's something wrong there. Being poked, squeezed, and stuffed into bras is something I've come to resent greatly.

But since most professional workplaces don't really lend themselves to going braless, I'm always on the lookout for the next-best thing—a bra I actually find comfortable. No slippery straps; no gaping or poking.  A few months ago, I found just such a bra courtesy of the brand MeUndies. The direct-to-consumer underwear line has a range of bras that retail at a reasonably priced $32 and are so comfortable I basically forget that I'm wearing them.

And that's the goal, notes Sarita Liu, the brand's director of design and development. "There's a void of simple nonstructured bralettes that conform to the shape of women's natural breasts that is super comfortable and slightly supportive for those who want to feel like they are not wearing a bra," she tells us. "[Our] two designs cater to those women who need soft and sleek basic bralettes under their day to day workwear or tees who prefer their undergarments to be minimal in shape and design."

Below, you can shop them for yourself along with a few similar styles I love.