It's Official: This Bra Trend Just Bit the Dust


Victoria's Secret 

In case you were wondering, just like, say, denim or shoe trends, bra trends are a thing. That said, they don't come and go quite as quickly as other fashion trends do. While not wearing a bra at all has certainly been a trend in itself as of late (thanks in part to Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid), most of us prefer a little more coverage. For that reason, we reached out to an expert on all things trend-related: Katie Smith is the senior fashion and retail analyst at Edited, a company that uses data to determine consumer trends in the retail world, and the findings are always fascinating.

Not only did Smith fill us in on the bras that "aren't popular" anymore, but she also shared four other styles that are currently selling like crazy. Intrigued as to whether or not these trends are hiding in your lingerie drawer? Read on to see what our expert source has to say about the styles that women are and aren't shopping for in 2017, and shop the trends that show no sign of fading.