It Took Me 17 Years to Find the Perfect Bra

I just love the idea of pretty lingerie. There’s something about slipping into dainty pieces finished with French lace or delicate ruffles that, to me, seems like the ultimate luxury. Recently, though, I realized that for all the bras I’ve collected over the years, I still hadn’t found the perfect styles for all of my outfit needs. So I set to the task of figuring this out once and for all.

I know many people struggle with finding the right size for them. So to start, I went to Nordstrom to get measured. It turns out that I was wearing the right size after all, which was a great place to start, but the team did give me some key tips about what I wasn’t doing right. With a few quick adjustments to the straps, all the bras I tried on instantly fit better. The sales associate also told me that I should always start by wearing my bras on the loosest band setting. That way, as the bra stretches out, you can still secure it snugly. Armed with the knowledge of how I should be wearing them, I then set off to find the perfect styles. Read about the best bra styles I’ve worn to this day ahead.