Say Bye to Sore Feet: We Found the Cutest Commuter Shoes

One thing commuters know to be true: Whether you’re walking to work or jumping from train to taxi, there’s nothing worse than arriving at work with blisters. As a native Angeleno who has the very West Coast luxury of driving to the office every day, I’ll admit I’m not well acclimated to logging too many steps each day, so on those rare occasions where I have to walk somewhere (sigh), I need shoes that are truly up for the task.

Amanda Hogan, the fashion blogger behind Haus of Hogan, understands me and my walking woes. Given her NYC home base, it’s safe to safe to say she’s got some excellent recommendations, and right now, she tells me she’s been relying chiefly on her SOREL Margo Lace boots. “Too many times I’ve been caught limping around the city because of ill-fitting shoes and heels too high for walking,” she admits. “I like to think I’ve learned my lesson after nine years living in the city.”

To avoid the same unfortunate situation, keep reading for her two must-know commuter tips.

No-No #1: Hobbling Around in Wobbly Heels


Amanda Hogan wears Sorel Margo Lace-Up Boots, $220

While this may feel obvious, how many times have you been tempted to just wear your heels for the sake of not schlepping a tote bag around? Avoid at all costs. Hogan told us she’s had one too many accidents of broken heels, throbbing feet, and general discomfort (a scenario I may be a bit too familiar with myself).


Amanda Hogan wears Sorel Margo Lace-Up Boots, $220

SOREL’s Margo Lace Boots have a stylish block heel that’s much more comfortable to walk in, and they’ve got a utilitarian touch for a slightly ’90s vibe we’re always here for. Hogan styled hers with opaque tights and a denim miniskirt, making this the commuter version of a My So Called Life–inspired dream look.

No-No #2: Stepping Out in Suede Shoes


Amanda Hogan wears Sorel Margo Lace Boots, $220

For unpredictable weather, leave your suede shoes at home. We already trust SOREL to be sturdy and reliable, so it doesn’t hurt that these shoes won’t get damaged in the rain as you walk to the train. Your hair, on the other hand…

Leather also looks more dressed up than suede does, so if you work in an environment that requires a more polished ensemble, you don’t have to change your shoes once you get to the office. “I tend to dress casual-chic for work, and when you’re running around the city all day, versatility is key,” Hogan explains. Also, let’s face it: Rain-stained suede boots are not a cute look.