I'm Really Into This Grown-Up Fragrance for Stress Relief—Here's Why

The main goal when shopping for a perfume or fragrance is to make sure it smells good to you, right? Because of chemistry, some fragrances might smell different on you than they will on your best friend or your mom. And of course, scent is very subjective. Some people might be more drawn to woodsy, earthy scents, while others might opt for the lighter florals.

It also depends on mood and the vibe you want to put out there. Personally, I like to spritz on a spicier fragrance for nights out. But in the daytime, I gravitate toward floral, citrus, and fresh perfumes. However, it's not just about mood and giving off a certain aura. I realized recently that you can use fragrance as a form of self-care too.


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I don't know why I didn't put two and two together before, especially since I regularly use diffusers and essential oils to unwind and relax. Certain scents can be used for their aromatherapy benefits, like lavender to help you fall asleep faster or rosemary and peppermint for improved concentration.

Bergamot is one scent that is commonly found in fragrances and has aromatherapeutic benefits. A 2017 study found evidence that the citrus-like scent can improve mental health and well-being. Many fans of the scent believe it has stress- and anxiety-relieving properties to help you feel refreshed and energized. As someone who will try any and every self-care ritual or method, spritzing on a bergamot scent seems like a low-lift thing to experiment with when I need to unwind and release tension.

It also helps that bergamot is, in my opinion, a sophisticated and elevated scent. You've got the freshness of citrus but also something grounding and a little spicy. It's really the perfect balance and is so unique. Like I mentioned above, it can be found in a lot of perfumes.

So if you want to test out the bergamot stress-relief theory, here are some of my favorite fragrances below.


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This article was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated. 

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