The Best Beauty Gifts You Can Buy for Someone, According to a Beauty Director

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Holiday sales seem to start earlier and earlier each year (and 2022 has been no exception), so here's hoping you're not already riddled with that inevitable holiday shopping fatigue. Because, my fellow beauty-loving friends, I have quite the treat in store for not only you but also anyone else you happen to be shopping for this season: Enter the holy-grail beauty gift guide I feel fairly confident—no, very confident—is the only beauty-centric shopping stop you need this season. (Mom, sister, BFF, co-worker, yourself—I didn't leave anyone out.) In fact, I'm already jealous of whoever is receiving anything on this list.

Since I don't believe in wasting time or beating around the bush where shopping is concerned, I'll get right to the point: Below, I'm featuring the best-of-the-best things when it comes to haircare, skincare, nailcare, bodycare, makeup, fragrance, wellness, and more. (I'm secretly coveting these for myself but trying to focus on shopping for my loved ones.)

Stumped on what to get? Shopping for the beauty lover who already has it all? The 37 beauty gift options below will help. On your mark, get set, scroll! (Because, yes, these will sell out.) 


Is there anything quite like the anticipation of a new Byredo fragrance? I knew about (and was practically frothing at the mouth over) this launch long before it actually became available, and somehow, it still managed to exceed my expectations. It's a spicy, warming blend of cardamom, cinnamon, carrot, ginger, orris butter, papyrus, and patchouli that has an elevated and subtle reminiscence of baking gingerbread cookies in a snow-cloaked country home. 

You heard it here first—brand-new fragrance brand Perfumehead (which as of right now is exclusively available at Violet Grey) will be the next perfume brand to know and wear. In fact, the brand is just so fabulously niche and special, I personally think it might surpass the likes of Le Labo, MFK, and other cult-loved fragrance houses. It's so hard to choose a favorite bottle (I actually layer Cosmic Cowboy with Canadian Tuxedo and have never been so addicted to a scent before), but Cosmic Cowboy is stop-a-stranger-in-their-tracks head-turning.

The unique mix of neon galbanum, cinnamon bark, orris butter, Whiskey a Go Go, angelica root, tobacco leaf, amber, cacao blanc, and musk come exquisitely hand-poured, bottled, and sealed in a traditional glass perfumers’ decanter, and each is hand labeled then numbered. It comes with a glamorous glass dabber which, as the brand explains, allows for an intimate, close-to-the-skin performance. I'm basically unwell over how obsessed I am with this line, and any fragrance lover will absolutely freak out about it.

I love and recommend this grounding, nontoxic and vegan scent any time of the year, as it's strategically alchemized to help stabilize mood and reduce stress. (Fun fact: it features patented technology to replicate the molecular compounds produced in forests called phytoncides, so it's basically a whimsical forest bath, bottled.) The woodsy medley of notes featuring vetiver, cedarwood, benzoin, pine, patchouli, and bergamot feels especially seasonal and wintery, hence, making it the ultimate holiday gift.

There are candles, and then there are candles from Nette NYC. The blend of saffron, elemi, cardamom, orris, geranium, cashmeran, tonka, white musk, amber, white patchouli, and sandalwood might, quite literally, be one of the best things I've inhaled. Plus, your giftee will appreciate Nette's chic handmade vessels and the label's natural, coconut-soy wax compositions.


This viral, celeb-loved alternative is for that person you know who's obsessed with (or always thinking about) lip injections. (I fall into both categories and can't get enough.)

If you, like me, dream of getting the lushest, clear, and all-around juicy skin of your dreams this season, this epic threesome from Make Beauty will be your gateway. In addition to its A+ curb (or should I say vanity?) appeal, it includes the Succulent Skin Wash, the serum-textured Succulent Skin Gel Cream, and the plumping, iridescence magic of Serum Balm in Halo Moon.

You can't go wrong with this limited-edition set of Peter Thomas Roth's cult-loved eye patches. And, for what it's worth, the FIRMx Collagen Hydra-Gel Face & Eye Patches, in particular, plump the heck out of fine lines and creasing—especially in tricky areas like the nasolabial folds. That particular placement has become a non-negotiable part of my nighttime routine.

Everyone is buzzing about the latest addition to the Augustinus Bader clan: a potent, luxuriously creamy mask that hydrates, firms, and brightens the skin all in one go. And, of course, it also contains the brand's signature TFC8 technology.


It just doesn't get better than a couple of your all-time favorite makeup staples paired together in the most giftable of sets. 

I have yet to meet a Merit product I don't instantly become obsessed with. Every beauty editor and non–beauty editor friend I know is also in full agreement the second they try anything from the brand.

I'm a huge Violette_FR stan, and this holiday set houses every must-have beauty staple for that quintessentially "French" beauty aesthetic.

When I saw that Glossier had an adorably packaged set featuring my top four products, I instantly pounced. 


This is the gift to get the nail minimalist in your life. Arriving in a stunning vegan leather case, the nail polisher and cuticle oil work in harmony with lush, pure ingredients to hydrate, condition cuticles, and add natural shine.

The most pleasing (sorry, could not resist) present for polish aficionados and Harry Styles fans alike. (He's the brand's founder!)

I'd buy Tenoverten's clean manicure gift set for that limited-edition corduroy bucket bag alone, but the contents are just as covetable: The Rehab (a reparative base coat), The Rose Soak (an acetone-free polish remover), The Rose Oil (cuticle oil), The Buff Plus (a buffer for smoothness and shine), and The Eco File. 

Basically, the entire WWW edit team is obsessed with Dazzle Dry. "I'm seriously impressed by Dazzle Dry and this is coming from a gel nail maniac," says our Beauty Director of Branded Content, Caitie Schlisserman. "Not only are the nail products formulated with safer ingredients, but the polish goes on like regular nail polish, dries basically instantly, and lasts just as long as gel. In a nutshell, this is what you do: Prep your nails, add the base coat to a bowl of warm water (it needs to be crystal-clear before using it), apply the nail strengthener, and then two coats of the base coat. Wait for each to dry before applying the next two coats of color, again, waiting for each to dry before applying the next. Then top it off with your topcoat. Let it dry for five minutes, and voilà!"

Bath & Body

Gifting this refillable body serum and bodywash set from Uni is the kindest thing you can do for the planet and your (or anyone you love's) skin.

Giving the gift of sun protection (and a bottled vacation… you need to smell this stuff) has never looked so iconic. 

This is the only hand cream I use because it actually keeps my skin hydrated, soft, smooth, and practically shimmery with nourishment for hours and hours. Despite the MVP ingredient—rich honey extract—it's not sticky or overly thick in the slightest.

You can get 20% off this packaged deal (featuring my two all-time fave U Beauty products) with code SIREN—now through November 28. My skin has never looked so dewy, firm, and dimple-free until I began incorporating The Super Body Hydrator and The Sculpt Arm Compound into my routine. 


You won't catch me in any other socks! Lather your feet up with foot cream, drape them in these cozy cotton socks, and go to sleep. Your feet have never looked better.

I already know these just-in sunglasses from Dezi will be gone in a blink of an eye. 

Cult Gaia's Lucinda clutch is the prettiest way to stow your makeup this season.

Yet another item I predict will sell out heart-breakingly fast? Emi Jay's brand-new cozy Teddy Bucket Hat. I'd like one in every color, please!


I'm obsessed with everything Ritual does. Ask any health professional: a high-quality probiotic is a must in anyone's routine. This new formula goes above and beyond in that it houses prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics, and even has a minty-cool aftertaste. It helps with overall gut health and bloat, and I'm especially impressed by the special delayed-release capsule which is designed to help the goods reach the colon—and not just the stomach—for superior efficacy.

I'm a beauty editor who loves to moonlight as a wellness editor/wellness freak, which is why I've been completely obsessed with my latest favorite thing: Armra's Colostrum Immune Revival. (I literally can't shut up about it to anyone I talk to lately.) I've been obsessed with colostrum for years (one of my favorite facialists in L.A. actually uses it in her topical products), and it's also a key ingredient in one of the most expensive (albeit amazing) smoothies on planet earth: the Billion Dollar Smoothie at SunLife Organics. But after spending hours on the internet trying to find a version I could use at home, everything I found looked low-quality and sketchy. So when Armra landed on my doorstep, I freaked the eff out, and it's been a nonnegotiable in my daily routine ever since.

It's pure, grass-fed bovine colostrum, and it's basically a fountain-of-youth substance (commonly heralded as "liquid gold") that can help strengthen your skin, lung, and gut barriers; heal your microbiome; and increase cellular health and performance for optimal immunity. You heard it here first—colostrum will be the new collagen powder within a year. 

I'm always looking for ways to make my coffee addiction healthier, and even though I actually really like black hot coffee or straight cold brew, sometimes the craving for something a little more mellow strikes. I'm recently infatuated with this vegan, dairy-free, sugar-free, and nutritionist-formulated mix-in creamer from Mija Naturals. It's organic, plant-based, and tastes great thanks to strategic ingredients like creamy MCT fats, mushroom adaptogens, prebiotics, L-theanine, and important minerals.

One thing Oprah and I have in common? Our complete adoration for Clevr's delicious, adaptogen-spiked elixirs. I cannot get enough, especially once the temperatures start to drop and I want to sip on something comforting (yet healthy!) while I read or binge TV at night. I love that this set allows you to pick four (of the brand's six) concoctions. You do you, but I love the Sleepytime, Matcha, Coffee, and Mocha SuperLattes. Plus, you also get a frother, thermos, a perfectly sized scoop, and latte dust.


For super-smooth, crease-free skin and even silkier hair!

Olaplex is the title reason I still have hair on my head as a lifelong blonde. I love and swear by the entire line, but I couldn't have been more excited when I saw this handy foursome, in particular. Together, they're the ultimate gateway to smooth, strong, blindingly glossy strands—dry, bone-cold winter weather be damned!

The buzz surrounding honey-laced haircare brand Gisou is so warranted. Everything in this dreamy set has become a star player within my product lineup, but it's the oil (a cult-favorite) and the hair perfume, that really have me in a chokehold.

Honestly, I would buy this insanely effective nourishing hair balm for its heavenly scent alone, so the fact that it can truly transform, dry, damage-ravaged hair feels almost too exciting to handle. One of my absolute favorite tricks is to saturate my dry hair with this stuff before pulling my strands into a sleek, slicked-back style. Your hair, again, will smell next-level amazing, and no one will know your chic style is actually a damage-proofing plan stealthily at play. Leave it in for as long as possible (sometimes I'll even go days) for shine, softness, and smoothness galore.


I'm a huge Theragun gal, so my interest was incredibly piqued when the brand came out with this model specifically designed to tackle everything from the brand’s signature percussive therapy to ease tension and pain, to deep cleansing, to microcurrent and LED therapies. You're pretty much looking at every expensive facial and trendy device in one, facial surgeon-designed tool. Very, very cool.

I think of the Dyson Airwrap as the ultimate gift. Do you know anyone who doesn't want one?! I sure don't. Basically, you're gifting yourself or a loved one a lifetime supply of good hair days. (Plus, lots of saved money since salon blowouts will become a thing of the past.)

Rolling my way to brighter, tighter skin? Don't mind if I do! This cutting-edge, two-in-one treatment tool boasts tiny needles composed of a potent triad of crystallized active brightening ingredients that immediately sink into the skin and begin working their magic. The result? Next-level glow with zero wait or downtime.

This isn't your average humidifier, folks. It's the Tesla of humidifiers, and here's why: Unlike most models on the market, it's mist-free, and cutting-edge airflow technology and UV lights kill 99.9% of bacteria, mold, and viruses in the water, so you're getting clean, damp-free moisture infused into your space at an even clip. There are a number of different settings, and the smart sensors maintain optimal moisture day and night. Plus, it doubles as a diffuser thanks to the cute little "puck" you place at the top, where you can add a few drops of your favorite blend of essential oils. This humidifier has quickly developed a cult following. It's the humidifier to own, and not surprisingly, it's selling like hotcakes and often sold out. If I were you, I'd try to get my hands on one ASAP. 

Okay, yes, this is a splurge, but this at-home laser advice may very well be one of the coolest and most innovative products on the market right now. In a nutshell, you're looking at a clinical-grade laser you can use from the comfort of your own. There are so many benefits, but having the ability to reduce the visible signs of aging (for all skin tones) sans pain or irritation has to be the chorus.