2 Beauty Editors Agree: These Drunk Elephant Products Are Skincare Staples

Name a skincare brand, and I can guarantee that I've tried a few products from their line. It's my job to try all of the latest and greatest skincare, after all. For most brands, I have one or two mainstays that I love and keep around. It's rare that I like more than a few skincare products from any given brand, but there are a few notable exceptions.

Drunk Elephant, the endlessly Instagrammable skincare brand focused on biocompatible ingredients, is one of those brands from which I love nearly every product. The brand makes it a point to not focus on whether an ingredient is synthetic or natural, but rather looks at which ingredients will make the highest impact on your skin. The result is skincare that really works, sans ingredients that may cause irritation like essential oils, alcohols, or added fragrances.

My fellow associate beauty editor Shawna Hudson and I both back Drunk Elephant products. After an extremely animated slack conversation, I knew our thoughts were too good not to share—so keep reading to find out which Drunk Elephant products we get truly excited about and why we love them so much. 

Shawna Hudson: C-Firma is one of my favorite vitamin C serums to date tbh. The brightening effect it had on my skin was almost instant—the results are quick. I love that you mix the formula yourself so it doesn't lose as much potency!

Katie Berohn: I like that it has a little more heft than other hyaluronic acid serums—it's perfect for summer because I feel like I can just wear it on its own without needing another moisturizer to lock it in.


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SH: I use it during the winter and love it. It's rich without overpowering my skin.

KB: I agree, it leaves my skin feeling so smooth. I love how their moisturizers are so easy to use, too. The single-dose pump is such a game-changer.


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KB: It's the perfect lightweight hydration boost.

SH: I honestly didn't know I needed an overnight hydration mask until I got it.

KB: i don't always love overnight masks, but it's so light and easy to put over any other skincare. I feel like I'm doing serious recon when I use it. I wake up glowing.

SH: For an overnight mask I definitely need something light because I'm always worried about it getting all over my pillow.

KB: I like their Marula Oil because it's such a good no-nonsense face oil. It's just a straight-forward formula (100 percent marula oil) that locks in moisture and antioxidants. 


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KB: It's so good. It literally makes your skin feel like a baby's. I'm like, how is this possible?

SH: I love Babyfacial. I use it once a week and it's one of the best AHA/BHA masks I've used. Yes, it burns a little but the results are worth it. It doesn't leave my skin dry or irritated—it just leaves this instant glow.


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KB: I love how soft the glycolic body lotion makes my skin feel. I like using it at night before I go to bed. You really feel renewed from head to toe in the morning.


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SH: I actually really like the co-wash. I was a tad skeptical to try it because some co-washes are meh and don't really leave your hair feeling that great afterwards, but I really like this one because it's so hydrating, but my hair doesn't feel greasy at all after I use it.

SH: Normally, I'm not huge on facial sprays because I feel like they waste a lot of product but there are a select few I will 100 percent use.

KB: I love the Sweet Biome spray. It's so refreshing—perfect for summer. I keep mine in the fridge and spritz it on throughout the day. 

Other Drunk Elephant Best-Sellers Worth a Spot On Your Vanity:

If you're concerned about uneven texture and dullness, this serum targets those issues and more. 10 percent lactic acid and 11 signal peptides work together to resurface and brighten. 

This is definitely one of the best jelly cleansers on the market. It removes dirt, makeup, and oil without leaving skin feeling stripped or tight at all. Glycerin ensures skin stays hydrated throughout the cleansing process. 

If you want an AHA/BHA resurfacing serum that you can use every day, reach for this glycolic blend. It's kind of like a daily Babyfacial that packs a major exfoliating punch without irritating skin. 

Talk about a multi-tasking product. This innovative serum defends your skin from environmental aggressors and pollution thanks to cocoa extract and peptides. At the same time, it imparts skin with a beautiful bronze sheen. 

For dry skin, this moisturizer is a true workhorse. A blend of six African oils (like marula and mongongo) works in tandem with plant-based ceramides to soften and plump skin. 

I'm very particular about cleansing balms, and this is one of my all-time favorites. It removes makeup in one pass, and doesn't irritate your eyes or leave a residue on skin. 

This is a very good retinol, particularly if you find that you're typically sensitive to retinol. It evens skin tone while aiming to reduce sun damage and fine lines. 

Anyone who suffers from extremely dry or inflamed skin can immediately consider this their next hero product. Marula butter, meadowfoam oil, cupuaçu butter, and shea butter nourish and heal skin.

Chapped lips are no match for this super-nourishing lip balm. It heals chapped lips, intensely moisturizes, and in turn, leaves lips looking plumped. 

Vitamin C is a great ingredient to target your eye area with, since it brightens and evens tone. This eye cream also has peptides to nourish the delicate skin around your eyes.