French Girls Don't Go to the Beach Without This One Accessory

Dressing for a beach day can be tricky. I've experienced a few battles with insecurities throughout the years but can finally say I feel more confident than ever when I head out to the beach. It was an overnight change that I'm so grateful for, and I still remember the first day I wore a swimsuit without feeling nervous. And who do I have to thank for this transformation? I attribute a lot of it to quite a few self-love rituals that helped me learn to love my body. But something that very much sped up the pace was finding chic cover-ups that made my look feel more styled and made me feel confident. 

French girls are my style icons, so of course, I am always turning to them for inspiration, and you will very rarely see them at the beach without a chic and effortless cover-up draped over their bikinis. All you really need for your swimsuit collection is one or two good styles and a bin filled with cover-ups that make them each feel brand-new every time you wear them. I love that with many of these style options, for example, a good button-down shirt or a barely there dress, you can easily wear them with more than just swimwear. Bring the South of France to your backyard with the fun bathing suit cover-ups below.

1. Le Button-Down Shirt

Best bathing suit coverups



My absolute favorite item to pack for any vacation is an oversize button-down shirt. It looks so cool over a swimsuit and can also be worn to dinner, on the flight home, or to explore the destination of choice. No pool day is complete without this in my bag.


I think this exact shirt is in every fashion girl's closet by now.

I think I spent an entire summer in a linen shirt, so basically, this one item pays for itself.

2. Barely There Dresses

The sheer trend is all over the runways, and while I am loving it, I tend to shy away from such a risky fashion move with my everyday NYC wardrobe. However, a trip to the pool or beach is the perfect opportunity to have some fun with a see-through item. I'm kind of obsessed.


Missoni is a key brand to include in your swimwear closet.

I think this dress will never go out of style.

3. Bottoms Up

Sometimes, when the bikini is so good and the sun is relentless as can be, covering up is not ideal. In this case, it's fun to try a pair of shorts or pants that still show off that bikini top. This is a great time to wear linens or knits.

4. Pareo Party

Best bathing suit coverups for 2022



A good pareo definitely brings the party to whatever beach or poolside you land on. I think this is the chicest add-on to any bikini or one-piece look that just needs a little something to take it to the next level.


I just know the French girls are adding this to cart.

This will match every swimsuit you already own. 

You won't regret this buy.

And now, shop the swimsuits we'll be pairing these cover-ups with: 

Gold jewelry + swimwear = my happy place.

Cutouts should definitely make their way into your swimsuits.